Gift Wrap Guide

IMG_7973Wrapping a gift nicely shows thoughtfulness even before the gift is given. Ditch the gift bag and spend a little extra time wrapping gifts nicely this year.

First off, learn how to properly wrap a gift if you don’t know already or could use some tips. If you have too little paper, you’ll run into trouble and waste the paper entirely. It’s better to overshoot how much you need.

Second, choose a gift wrap palette that compliments each other. I like using several different types that all have varying patterns or a scene on them. I make sure they each pick up one or two colors (such as red) so that they’ll look nicely altogether. I find Target has cute wrapping paper, but I’ve found the best quality ones at TJ Maxx. If you don’t mind spending a little extra money, or have fewer gifts to wrap, Paper Source has a great collection.

Third, polish off the gift with ribbon or twine, and gift tags. I found these gift tags at TJ Maxx, the twine from an antique store, and the ribbon from Target (below). You can go the extra mile by adding a more “3D” element such as a pine cone or a small branch from a pine tree.

It may seem like common sense to many, but far too many wrap a gift sloppily and without real effort. Your time making your gift presentable communicates a kindness and generosity that goes beyond what’s inside.











What’s your favorite way to wrap gifts?












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