Foolproof Way To Dress Up a Flannel

Flannel  – land’s end

Flannels have come a long way over the years as they once had the reputation of being for lumberjacks and working men alike. They boast a soft cotton feel that makes for perfectly warm winter outfits for everyone. Flannels are as popular as ever and I personally love having several in my collection to wear all throughout the fall and winter. Although they naturally have a casual nature, I believe flannels can be dressed up quite a bit to expand their use in your wardrobe. Here is a foolproof way to dress up a flannel.

I simply pair it with a skirt that pulls subtly from the plaid pattern in the flannel, and then pair it with some pretty jewelry. In this case, I wore a more prominent pearl necklace and pearl cuff to dress up this look.

I used the same formula this past Sunday at church with a different flannel and skirt. Since this flannel was darker, I liked how the gray skirt lightened it up a little bit.

This outfit would be perfect for those in-between holiday parties. It’s not very formal, but it’s a step up from jeans and a nice sweater. I like dressing up a little bit this time of year so an outfit like this can be worn on many occasions.

How do you wear your flannel?


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    • thedressdecoded
      December 14, 2018 at 7:30 pm (4 years ago)

      yes same! makes for an easy holiday outfit!


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