Flying Carpet Shoes


Turkish Kilim rugs are gaining popularity in western culture as they bring a well-traveled, upscale look to any room. I’ve always thought of the style as being especially preppy as you’ll see the rugs tie together rooms that have Ivy League influence.

Making high-end smoking slippers out of vintage Turkish rugs effortlessly marries exotic and classic style. Adding these shoes to an all-American look really gives an unexpected pop of style and color to an otherwise toned down outfit. I adore the selection that Artemis Design Co. has in these shoes. If you aren’t convinced, please visit the site and see the gorgeous loafers for yourself as no two pairs are exactly alike. Milicent, the owner and designer, has created these “flying carpet shoes” that have been seen all over –  including stores like Anthropologie and Free People. Each vintage rug is hand picked from a bazaar in Turkey, and the quality and craftsmanship is impeccable!



smoking slippers c/o artemis design co

I had the pleasure of styling the famous “flying carpet shoes” and couldn’t be happier! I grew up wearing uniforms to school, so my colorful shoes were the only thing I could pick out myself since we could wear whatever pair we wanted. As an adult, I find I have less “statement shoes” and more neutral pairs. The Artemis Design Co. smoking slippers are my new statement shoes that give me extra style and elevate any outfit. I feel confident when wearing them and receive many compliments from strangers. Everyone should have at least one pair of shoes in their wardrobe that add an extra pop of style, and these smoking slippers would be a wonderful choice that can be worn for years to come.


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