Flattering Summer Sunglasses

I absolutely believe in buying quality items and keeping them for a long time, but when it comes to sunglasses I normally go “middle of the road” price and quality that I normally keep for a few years. I think someday I may invest more into a pair of sunglasses, but I change out what styles I wear so often that I can’t justify it currently. All of my sunglasses are either from Modcloth or Gap.

A lot goes into buying a pair of sunglasses, including what looks most flattering on your face shape, hair style, etc. I rounded up the four styles I believe are most flattering on the majority of young women.

Picture 7

The Wayfarer style is your best bet if you’re unsure what style sunglasses look best since this style is universally flattering. Made popular starting in the 1950’s, this style has been seen on everyone from President Kennedy to the Olsen twins. My husband has a pair of the Ray-Ban Wayfarers that I always try to borrow when I can. I have a wayfarer style pair from Gap, but they don’t show them online so check in stores.

The Clubmaster is one of my favorite styles of sunglasses and is known for a thicker frame on top and thinner on the bottom. I love this style because it gives a very ivy-league cool feel to it. My pair (shown below) is from Modcloth and I’m very happy with them, but I love the style enough that if I find Ray-Ban’s on sale, I’ll be inclined to pick them up.


Cat-Eye is a very glamorous look that gives the illusion of big eyes and eye lashes. It’s not for everyone, but you may be surprised how flattering it looks if you’re willing to stand out from the crowd and channel your inner “Jackie O”. The ones above in the first photo are from Modcloth.

The Retro style sunglasses are my all-time favorite pair for summer. I was willing to try them because the price was lower than what I was finding elsewhere, and I am so glad I did. They take all my summer outfits to the next level by adding that retro all-American vibe. They’re also found at Modcloth, and you can see me wearing them below:



What’s your favorite sunglasses style above?


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