Favorite Activewear Items (and seeking advice!)

Although I’m not a big athleisure girl, I’m a fitness junkie and am always looking for fun workout attire. If you’ve been reading here awhile, you know I am a fitness instructor outside of my full time job and it’s been a passion of mine for years. There’s nothing I love more than teaching group fitness! I’m by no means a fitness gear snob, and will wear everything from Old Navy to Lululemon and everything in between. Below are my favorites in each category, and then some categories I’m struggling with finding a favorite in. So if you have advice, please advise! 🙂

TOPS: I’ve always favored racerback tanks, and am recently LOVING the high neck trend that’s everywhere. I think it’s so flattering on everyone and makes arms look good. I like tanks that are slightly cropped paired with high waist leggings. My favorite tanks recently are from Old Navy and these from Amazon. I’m also a big fan of Gap Fit and love their tanks! If you know of any other cropped tanks that are under $30, let me know! I’d rather spend more money on leggings than tops.

LEGGINGS: Once I tried high waist leggings I don’t think I’ll ever go back. They tuck you in and are super flattering. Both of my favorites are in the $60-$90 range and I swear by them. The Athleta Contender Tight and the Zella High Waist are my go-tos. Once I wash them, I wear them right away and start the process again. It’s worth paying more for them because I wear them so often!

SPORTS BRAS: I’m all over the map here and have one from literally every fitness brand, but I recently got this one from Old Navy that I loved and went back and bought the other colors. My advice is to buy racer back style since they’ll look good under anything.

SHOES: I do everything but run, so my shoes of choice are Nike cross trainers. They’re called “Nike TR 9”, but the 9 just represents the version they’re on. I have everything from Nike TR3-TR8 and they’re all equally great, so if you find an older version, don’t hesitate. These are the only shoes that don’t hurt my feet. I have this exact pair in 3 different colors.


Headbands: I need help taming my mane when I workout, and I find headbands either fall off or they’re so thick they take up my whole head. The really thin ones put a dent in my hair. I’m looking for a medium size one that will stay on my head even when I have my hair in a high pony.

Hat: I’ve never worn a hat when working out but I want to for when summer comes and I’m doing some workouts outdoors. What’s a good one that is moisture wicking and not too expensive?

Low-Tech Heart Rate Monitor: All the current HRM are way too high tech. I’m looking for a watch to wear ONLY when I workout, I don’t need to check text messages or put my music on it. I just want to see my heart rate and calories burned. I have a polar watch currently but its getting old so I’m considering a replacement.


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