Easy Braided Up-Do

I got a few questions on instagram about my hair in my latest post so I figured I would share some insight on my new favorite up-do. One of the best things about it is that’s easy to do in a pinch.

I always panic when it comes to doing my hair when attending a wedding. I’m always stuck ten minutes before we have to leave re-doing the hairstyle I had in mind for the 100th time. Sometimes I’ll curl it and leave it down, but sometimes I want a little something extra than my normal hairstyle.

I attended a wedding this past weekend and wanted to try a new up-do I saw on youtube. I wore my hair this way the day before to get in some practice and to make tweaks before doing it the day of the wedding. I was pleasantly surprised on how it turned out, and the up-do stayed put on a rather windy day.

You’ll need plastic elastic ties, and you can find a whole pack of at any grocery store, convenience store, etc.

First off, master the pull through braid. Here is the tutorial I use and the results below:


Once you’ve got that down, the up-do is the same thing but sideways and lower on your head. I have more hair than the girl in the video so I stopped doing the pull through braid once it went across my head, then puffed it all out how I wanted it, and then proceeded to do a tight regular braid and tucked it under discreetly. This tutorial helps a ton!




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