Cold Weather Bedding

I change my bedding 4x’s a year, which seems excessive but it’s the only thing I do to freshen up my bedroom. It’s also very easy because I use a duvet and am only swapping out duvet covers. This plaid duvet is by far my favorite one! I love the way it looks in my room and the plaid is very appropriate for fall and winter. I posted this photo on Instagram over the weekend and had a lot of questions about it. It’s from LL Bean about 4 years ago, but they continue to make a similar one in a smaller plaid pattern.

Below are my choices of fall/winter bedding that are currently available:

LL Bean in Macbeth plaid


Land’s End (on sale)


Pottery Barn Buffalo Plaid Duvet (on sale)

Pottery Barn Plaid Duvet



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