Closet Changeover Tips: Winter to Spring


As we near the end of winter, it’s important to start putting away your heaviest winter items and start incorporating spring attire. Although it’s exciting to get the brighter clothes out, there are many things you must do to take care of your winter clothes before putting them in storage.

In order to maximize the space in my closet and keep my clothes in the best condition possible, I store my off season clothes until I need them once again. I do so using long plastic garment storage bags for clothes, a plastic bin for shoes, and a plastic bin for purses and accessories. I have a process for changing over my closet that you can read about here.

1. Wipe down shoes and boots. You’ll thank yourself next fall if you wipe down your boots before putting them away for the warmer months. You don’t want to bring them out again in late September to see dirt from last winter. You’ll also want to stuff your boots while they are in storage either with newspaper or old cotton t-shirts. Also do this with purses to in order to keep their shape. For extra points, put cedar shavings or these in your boots to keep them as fresh as possible.

2. Wash items that don’t get washed as often. Coats, heavy sweaters, tights, and winter accessories (gloves, scarves, hats, etc.), are all items that aren’t washed after each wear. Before putting them away, wash them so they’re fresh and ready to go next fall. Be mindful of washing instructions for these items since many of them (especially sweaters) may be hand wash only.

3. Get rid of clothes you didn’t wear. Now is a good time to be honest with yourself and get rid of all the clothes you didn’t wear this winter. Winter is a long season, and there were plenty of chances to wear everything, so if you didn’t wear something this year you probably won’t next year. Either find a local consignment shop to sell your clothes at, or donate them to a Salvation Army.

Do you have any other tips on what to do before putting your clothes into off season storage?


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  1. Isabelle
    March 12, 2015 at 9:54 am (8 years ago)

    I have been looking for a pair of loafers forever, and love the look of yours. Where are they from?


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