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Winter Olympics Style

The Winter Olympics start this weekend and my favorite part is Team USA ‘s opening and closing ceremony outfits designed by Ralph Lauren. I especially think the winter ones are always so great and leave me wanting everything in the collection. You can buy the same items from the Ralph Lauren website, but they’re pretty pricey and usually have the year on it. It’s no secret I love wearing the American flag, so I rounded up some of my favorite items below that have the Winter Olympics feel to it with the flexibility to wear it in the future.

Noteworthy – I’m a big fan of the RL Flag sweater (I have it in cream and navy), but they tend to be a lot of money on the website for adult sizes. I have seen them at the outlet for less, and also find the boy sizes to be a nice alternative. A medium in boys would fit a women’s XS, a large would fit a women’s small, and a XL would fit a women’s medium. All of mine are boy’s sizes from the outlet and I’ve never paid more than $40 for one, and one of them was $20! I have shorter arms and torso so it works for me, but I always recommend trying on first.


team usa mittens / vineyard vines shep shirt  / RL flag sweater / needlepoint flag hat (highly recommend and can get year round use)

flag beanie / flag pillow / flag tote

flag tote (I have this and love it!) / flag scarf / danner boots / north face stars scarf


What is your favorite part of the Winter Olympics?




Non-Maternity Items I’ve Bought

I haven’t bought many clothes in general since being pregnant, and the majority of clothes I have been purchasing have been maternity staples. Honesty, it’s been sort of nice being in this state where normal clothes don’t fit me because when I do want a non-maternity item, I put more thought into it. Because it’s something I can’t wear right away, I have to really want it in order to purchase it. With that being said, the items below are all non-maternity items, most which cannot be worn until after pregnancy, that fit my standard for a “must have” item for the future.

Tuckernuck Earrings (sold out): Of course I can wear whatever earrings I want while pregnant, but these are so spring/summer that I probably won’t be wearing them until after the baby anyway. I SO badly wanted these earrings when they came out last spring, but couldn’t bite the bullet at $88. I ended up getting them for $17 + free shipping recently during their sale, and cannot wait to wear them when the weather gets warmer.  They’re sold out of the color I got but they still have other colors online.


Lilly Shift in Multi Sea Salt & Sun: An item I wanted when it first came out was this Lilly Pulitzer dress in this pattern. It reminds me of 1990’s Florida and I really love the fun print! It was marked down to $65 in their latest after party sale and I couldn’t resist. I got a little bigger than my normal Lilly size, so we will see how well it fits once summer comes.

Abercrombie Fair Isle Sweater: This isn’t an item I bought, but asked for from my parents for Christmas. I’m a sucker for fair isle and loved this red version of it. I’m looking forward to wearing it next December!

Vineyard Vines Funnel Neck Shep Shirt: I found this piece on Poshmark with the tags still on it. I wanted to know if the sizing was similar to their other Shep Shirts so I wanted to find the old listing for it on the VV website to read the reviews. What I found was it’s still for sale on their website currently, yet for some reason this lady was selling it on Poshmark, and I ended up paying $35 for it. The reviews all said it ran large, so when it came I tried it on and the XS fits me… at 35 weeks pregnant. They are easy to shrink so I’ll be attempting to shrink it after the baby comes. 🙂 I’m really happy with the style and quality of the item and recommend it to anyone interested in adding a fun piece of Vineyard Vines to their wardrobe!



Talbots Gingham Half Zip: I saw this on IG friend Devon’s story and instantly loved it! I got it for $25, and it looks like it’s still at that price. It’s a really warm fleece and has a cool navy feature on the top and back of the shoulders similar to a shep shirt. It’s an item that can be worn in cold weather when you’re sick of your normal winter clothes and want something “fresh” looking, and I’m hoping it can bridge the gap between winter and spring after the baby comes.

J. Crew Nordic Boots (Sold out): This is another item I asked for from my parents for Christmas. I LOVE these boots and featured them in an earlier post. They are extremely warm and comfortable, and may be the only shoes that are truly pleasant for my feet these days. I’ve been wearing them frequently for a month and they’ve proven to be a little more high maintenance than I’d like. They are not very waterproof so you have to waterproof them yourself. I used an entire can of nubuck leather waterproofing spray (three layers), and they look great, but if I get a little snow on them they seem to dry kind of funny. No permanent markings have been made so far, but I wish they were a little lower maintenance. The look and feel of them make up for the trouble!

Hunter Boots: This is the last item I didn’t personally purchase since it was a Christmas gift from my husband. It’s an item I can wear while pregnant, although I know they will fit much better once I deliver my baby and my feet/leg swelling goes away. It’s a fun addition to my wardrobe!


Old Navy Activewear leggings / jacket / leggings: I’m a fitness instructor so I had to purchase a lot of maternity workout items the further I got along, and got really lucky because the brand Lucy is being absorbed into North Face and had all their maternity items on sale for $12-$20. I wasn’t planning on buying any activewear that wasn’t maternity but I couldn’t resist this print Old Navy came out with recently. It’s very rarely you find “preppy” workout clothes and I loved the navy and stripes. They almost remind me of the J. Crew activewear line, but I’ve had good luck with Old Navy workout clothes in the past, but haven’t heard great things about many of the J Crew pieces.

Help Me Pick A Rain Jacket

It’s been a tiny bit milder in Michigan this week and we’ve had a tons of rain that has washed all the snow away. Naturally, I’m thinking spring and have my eye on adding a new rain jacket to my spring coat collection. I have a very old, lightweight yellow coat, but it doesn’t have a hood, the fit is a little tight for layering, and the color is more of a darker “fall” yellow. I’ve decided it’s time to get what I really want! I’ve narrowed it down but could use a little help deciding. Here’s what I’m working with for my decision:

  • I’ve always wanted a classic yellow rain jacket, but my only hesitation is that my husband Joe owns a yellow rain jacket that he really loves. Anytime it rains even a tiny bit, he’s wearing it. It may seem trivial, but do I really want to be matching my husband in bright yellow rain coats? It’s one thing to both being wearing navy or black, but imagine a Caucasian, blonde married couple walking around in bright yellow coats – we would be snap chatted by strangers for sure!
  • Secondly on the yellow color – I see it often on models with darker hair and it’s a lovely contrast. I’m worried the yellow might wash me out a little bit or just not look as good on me with having lighter hair.
  • I prefer toggle hooks, specifically a lighter color rope. I love the way they look and the nautical style they add to a jacket.
  • A hood is a must-have, and I love that each jacket below has a contrasting hood.
  • The footwear I’d most likely be wearing would be red Hunter boots, dark green rain boots, or duck boots.

  1. The Long Seafolly Jacket by Seasalt Cornwall (a UK brand), has many of the things I’m looking for: great shade of yellow, really nice toggle closures, contrasting hood. I kind of like that it’s on the longer side since most of my other spring jackets aren’t like that. The downside is because it’s shipped from the UK, I may have a harder time figuring out my size and then it’s a risk of whether or not it will fit. It’s a bigger pain to return it if I don’t like it in real life.
  2. The Classic Raincoat by Land’s End is really cute with the stripes and the inside lining is a cheery yellow. I like the look and length on it, but I’m afraid it will make it a little harder to find something to wear with it. I wear stripes a lot and with this jacket there would be a whole lot of stripes! I don’t like having to think twice about grabbing a jacket and I may do that with this one because of the pattern. The stripes would look good next to Joe’s yellow rain coat though! 😉
  3. The Coast Waterproof Jacket by Joules is the only option that doesn’t have toggle closures on the front, but it seems pretty heavy duty for the rainiest of weather. The hood is really cute, so I can assume the whole thing is lined in the navy stripes. It says the fit is boxy, but that’s fine since I’m not looking for a really fitted jacket for rain. This may be my least favorite option, but when I look at the other photos online of it, it’s growing on me. They don’t have my size right now, but it seems to be a product that is around year round and gets restocked often.
  4. The Whitby Waterproof Jacket by Boden is the front runner in mind, but I still have some hesitation. If you click through the link and look at the other images, the material seems off, like it’s extra wrinkly (is it just me?). I love the toggles but not sure if I’m a fan of the sideways triangle that holds them. One reviewer said the yellow was more of a dull, mustard yellow, which might be fine by me but I think I would like a more cheerful shade if I’m being picky. This one always stuck out to me because it checks the most boxes of what I’m looking for.
  5. The Whitby Waterproof Jacket by Boden again, but in this cute, blue gingham pattern. It looks amazing, and while I have the same reservations as the yellow version, I still am attracted to it. Again, it may give me less options for what to wear since I probably wouldn’t wear gingham or smaller stripes underneath it, but it would look fine next to Joe’s yellow coat. 😉 It’s more of a statement piece, so I can still see myself wanting a yellow coat even if I got this one.

What are your thoughts? Please let me know what you would choose if you were me below in the comments – THANK YOU! 🙂

Bundled Up

beanie – ll bean (sold out) / vail parka – j crew factory / striped shirt – abercombie (last year) /

corduroy leggings c/o lands end / nordic boots – j crew

I tend to gravitate towards pops of red in winter outfits to brighten up the mundane and bring a little après ski style to my everyday looks. It’s easy to deviate towards a very neutral color palate after the holidays but I’m a big fan of color and believe everyone should be adding it a little bit into their outfits.

Two items I want to highlight in this outfit are the leggings and boots. The leggings are corduroy leggings from Land’s End and have been in heavy rotation all winter long. I have had the tan pair for years and this year got the navy pair. It’s hard to tell in photos but they are thicker and much nicer looking than regular leggings. Land’s End runs sales pretty often so you can find a deal and try them. I can guarantee you’ll love them as much as I do! I wear a XS normally in them, but bought this pair in a medium for pregnancy purposes and they’ve been fantastic.

These boots are AMAZING. I cannot begin to describe how much I love them.  I was so hesitant about asking for these, and when I got them for Christmas I couldn’t be happier. They are extremely high quality in every way – the entire thing is shearling lined, they’re comfortable, they come with two pairs of laces (red and neutral), and can be worn with the flaps up or down for two different looks. They’re made of nubuck leather so I was told you should waterproof them before wearing. I used this product and ended up doing three layers before wearing them out in the snow. They got a LOT of snow on them from this quick shoot and dried very nicely. I wouldn’t wear them in heavy snow for long periods of time, but they’re perfect for everyday winter conditions. Walking in sludge, salt, a little snow, and then keeping my feet warm and dry  – I couldn’t be happier!

My feet have been hurting SO badly for the last month and these are a nice relief. I’ve been wearing them almost everyday. Thankfully it’s easy to create cute outfits around them! 🙂

What type of outfits have you been gravitating towards?

Do you find winter (post holidays) easy or hard to dress for?


Top Winter Boot Picks

sorel / clarks / ll bean


Growing up and residing in Michigan, we have had more than our fair share of winter weather. I rely heavily on my winter boots to get me through the season, and have rounded up what I believe are the best of the best! I’ll go over my pro’s and con’s of each below:

Warmest: Sorel Boots

The pair I’m wearing above isn’t available anymore, but from my research both online and asking friends who own the Joan of Arctic pair, they tend to agree that they are the warmest of the bunch! Whenever I’m going to be outside for a long period of time, but not in snow (think paved sidewalks, etc.), these are my go-to.

Pro’s: Extremely warm and comfortable!

Con’s: Can be bulky, doesn’t transition well to indoor wear.

Most Waterproof: L.L. Bean

It’s no secret I love L.L. Bean – especially the Bean Boots! I own the thinsulate 8″ pair, and find they’re great for 3 season use (fall-spring). I use the L.L. Bean boot guard to waterproof the leather at the beginning of every season and they’ve held up fantastic over the past three years of pretty regular use and abuse. I don’t think they’re the warmest choice since the thinsulate option really means it insulates the bottom portion only, but with thick socks they’re not bad. L.L. Bean does make Bean Boots that are notoriously warm such as the Wicked Good Bean Boot and the Shearling Lined Bean Boot, but they’d be way too warm for use in the fall, spring, or indoors. I bet the Shearling Lined version would be a contender for “best overall”.

Pro’s: Attractive, very waterproof, guaranteed by the company, can be worn 6 months out of the year and transitions easily to being worn indoors without being too warm.

Con’s: Not the warmest option if you’re outside for longer periods of time, thinsulate only insulates the bottom and not the rest of the foot.

Best Overall: Clark’s Mazlyn Arctic

When the weather gets its roughest both in freezing temperatures and lots of snow, these are my go-to pair! I’ve own them for five years and they still look brand new even though I’ve put a lot of miles on them. When I go snowshoeing or long walks in the snow, I always opt for these because they are the best of both worlds. Being both extremely warm and waterproof, they’ve served me well. I wouldn’t opt for any other boot for being outdoors for long periods of time and being able to keep my feet warm and dry. The red laces are a pretty nice touch too!

Pro’s: Warm, waterproof, the top part can be folded down for a different look, high enough to be a great choice in deep snow, traction on the bottom of the boot for slick areas

Con’s: Not many, but they seem to fit a little too snug when I wear thicker socks. Thankfully I don’t need too thick of socks with these.


Do you have a winter boot you love? I’d love to know!

A Little Creative Layering

Being 27 weeks into this pregnancy, I’m fitting into less of my “regular” clothes and having to take a more creative approach to dressing. I still want to put an effort into what I wear because I really feel my best when I do. I love this flannel, but unfortunately it does not button anymore, so I wore it over a maternity dress my sister-in-law loaned me and belted it above the belly. Incorporating my regular clothes into my maternity wardrobe takes a little bit of creativity and will help create more looks. I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out and became a nice and easy holiday outfit.

This necklace is a few years old from J Crew Factory, and I still love the way it looks layered underneath a button down to dress up the outfit a little bit. Paired with a red lip and my one of my favorite Dooney’s, I look and feel like myself. 🙂

Winter Knits

pom hat c/o pink pineapple shop / signature birdseye sweater c/o L.L. Bean / legging pants – uniqlo (mine are from their maternity line but I linked the regular ones) / bison bean boots – L.L. Bean

Winter is approaching, and now is a great time to stock up on the essentials you’ll be wearing all season. Although winter is really the same length as any other season, it seems the longest. In Michigan we get hit with cold weather from mid-November to early March, so I can justify having a wide array of sweaters, boots, and other cold weather accessories.

I was recently sent this birds-eye sweater shown above by L.L. Bean. The sweater and pattern are a 1912 L.L. Bean iconic style, shown in an updated silhouette in their signature collection. From the second I tried it on, I was in love. The whole look and feel of the sweater is so classic (and warm), and the length is great for wearing with leggings. I really like the neckline as it’s like a mock turtleneck and very flattering. The sweater runs pretty large – I am wearing a small and am pregnant. If you go down two sizes and you will be extremely happy with this piece! It’s something I will reach for for years to come.

I was also sent this Icelandic wool hat from the Pink Pineapple Shop. If you are in the market for a beanie, this shop has tons in different colors and styles (even some with anchors on it). I love the cream as it goes with my winter wardrobe so easily. I prefer my beanies more fitted than “droopy” so I folded the brim up on this hat and love the way it looks. I’ll be wearing this style til the snow melts.

Have you been stocking up on items for winter? This year is a little different for me being pregnant, but I did ask for a few clothing items for Christmas knowing they won’t fit until the following Christmas. I appreciate that I’ll be able to wear this forgiving L.L. Bean sweater for awhile longer. 🙂

Apple Picking

vest c/o brooks brothers red fleece / sweater – brooks brothers (old), shirt – uniqulo / pants – gap maternity / boots – sperry 

Joe and I went apple picking last Friday and I wore my new vest from Brooks Brothers Red Fleece collection. If you aren’t familiar with Red Fleece, it’s a line from Brooks Brothers that caters to a younger crowd with slimmer proportions and updated fits. They recently came out with a line of puffer jackets and vests and asked me to try one out for their #PassThePuffer campaign.

I love vests (maybe too much) and am glad they’ve been around so long with no sign of going out of style. I like that puffer vests have recently gotten slimmer but with an emphasis on warmth. This means the selection available isn’t just super puffy ones but the lightweight ones are even warmer than before. It’s perfect for traveling because it’s packable and also water repellent in case of those days with unpredictable weather.

Lastly, they have a ton of color selections (eight for men and women, four for kids) and the inside is a contrasting color. You can see in a few of the photos the navy trim on the inside. It makes for an attractive vest that will be worn for years to come!


Autumn Attire

topper – c/o pink pineapple shop , shirt – ralph lauren . leggings – tommy hilfiger old, purse c/o mark and graham, boots c/o sperry old (one in a size 7 on poshmark here), 

It’s been such a warm fall so far and there are no signs of cooling off just yet. It’s been really  nice for spending time outdoors but I do miss wearing fall coats! I keep telling myself there will be plenty of cooler days and I’ll wish for these days back.

Since I haven’t been sporting the usual layers, I’ve been enjoying this cashmere blend topper that Pink Pineapple Shop sent me. It’s a really sophisticated item that pairs perfectly with leggings and boots. I already have outfits planned for it for winter that include a plaid scarf to compliment the camel color.

What I like about this topper is how lightweight it is – it’s not too bulky of a layer while still keeping me warm. Great for these nicer days of fall! Pink Pineapple Shop has lots of cute items (many monogrammed), and great prices as well!  Once we get closer to winter I’ll be sporting this warm hat  as much as I can.


The Cape Scarf

I’ve worn ponchos from time to time (and I’ll cover them more in the next few weeks), but last year I got my first cape scarf to style and I really enjoy the look. In the world of these cape scarfs, there are many names applied to them – wraps, shawls, and even ruanas. For this post I’m going to refer to them as cape scarves.


Here is the current cape/scarf I own originally from Tuckernuck but the same one is less expensive from Modcloth. They don’t have this exact print this year but they have two similar ones!

I really like how the inside is a different pattern. It’s technically reverse-able but I’ve only worn the plaid side out so far. I’ll definitely be wearing the other side out soon to get the most out of it!

I think the style is very ladylike and high end when worn right. I want to get a few more for the fall/winter as they are a classic item that happens to be on-trend in the fashion world right now which means a great time to find a nice variety to choose from. My only hesitation with them is if the plaid ones look too much like a plaid blanket draped around an outfit, but I believe keeping the rest of the outfit tailored and polished will balance out the heavy nature of the cape scarf to create an overall stylish look.

I took to pinterest to find a little more inspiration and I think all these girls nail the cape scarf in a fun and mature way that’s not frumpy one bit.


I found a few styles from J. Crew I really liked, but would love your help picking it out. I’m leaning towards option #2 or #3 and tried both of them on in store. I am a little leary of the plaid one looking like I took a blanket and wrapped it around my outfit, but I know wearing more form fitting clothes underneath will help with that. Choice #2 is an ivory and black, and I don’t wear a lot of black, but I do love a buffalo check.

—-Please let me know in the comments which choice you like! —-


If you haven’t heard the news from Instagram, I’m pregnant (17 weeks!) so I’ve been really thinking over how I’ll want to dress during this time. I was very discouraged for a long time thinking there weren’t a lot of classic/preppy options since clothes are a big part of my life. One day I remembered one of my old favorite Instagrammers, Karla Reed, had a few very fashionable pregnancies without using many maternity clothes! Her second pregnancy was very preppy and classic and gave me hope for figuring this thing out. 🙂

Disclaimer: While I may be sharing my outfits that fit a maternity style from time to time, it will not be solely about pregnancy or maternity wear. I want to continue posting content that serves a clear purpose of showing my style alongside practical tips and tricks for your wardrobe. I want my readers to come away from a blog post learning something applicable to themselves and not just a place for pictures.

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