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What to Wear Wednesday: Easy Traditional Dress

In these in-between seasons it can become problematic to find the perfect dress for both the weather and season. Sleeveless dresses are better for warmer weather, and you may not want to layer a sweater over it. Colder weather dresses may be too thick, or look better with tights underneath. Enter the 3/4 sleeve dress – perfect for any and every occasion.

pointe sheath dress c/o land’s end / three strand pearls c/o demosille pearls

I recently got this 3/4 sleeve pointe dress from Land’s End and couldn’t be happier. I needed something to take me from winter to late spring and this does the job. It’s a thicker material while not being overly warm, which is perfect for the in-between weather. The sleeve length and silhouette make it very classy. I feel like this is definitely that “1960’s first lady” style I love. Overall, it’s very lady like and appropriate for any age.

I also love that this dress can be worn to so many places and occasions. It can easily be dressed down with a silk scarf and flats, or dressed up with pearls and heels. Everyone needs a dress that’s this easy to grab when you’re unsure what to wear. I wore this to church this past Sunday, but I’d wear it to a wedding at this time of year.

striped dress, pointe sheath, wrap dress

The above dresses are all ones I’d consider both transitional and versatile. That sleeve length on a dress is really something that should be in everyone’s closet, especially if you live in a climate with unpredictable weather.



What to Wear Wednesday: Rainy Day

Logan Jacket – c/o Charles River Apparel

Last week I talked about best footwear for a rainy day, but this week I want to talk about the perfect raincoat. With spring showers approaching, it’s smart to have the proper jacket and boots available to grab when the weather turns gray.

There’s a few must-have’s for the perfect rain jacket:

  • A hood is non-negotiable. Sometimes you’ll forget your umbrella, or not want to have to carry it around once you’re inside. A hood is the #1 priority when looking for a raincoat.
  • Lightweight is key since you may be layering it over bulky clothing or it could be rather warm but still rainy.
  • Wind-resistant material is important since rainy weather is most likely windy weather.
  • A little length is always a plus when you need a little extra protection against the elements.
  • A bright color is a must-have for me. Sure, dark colors will “go with everything”, but it’s already gloomy outside, a colorful raincoat will brighten things up a bit.

The Logan Jacket from Charles River Apparel checks all my boxes for the perfect raincoat. It’s lightweight, waterproof, hooded, and the kelly green is such a preppy color for spring. The jacket can even be monogrammed to personalize it even more.  I always keep an eye out every spring for raincoats, but never found one I absolutely loved until now. I especially love that there’s a drawstring inside to make it look more tailored than boxy. I couldn’t be happier with the style and quality of this jacket.

What are your go-to essentials for a rainy day?

What to Wear Wednesday: Funeral Attire

Today I’m talking about what to wear to a funeral home visitation and memorial service. Although this is not a fun topic whatsoever, it is a very important one. Anyone attending such an event should take extra precaution to make sure they are dressed properly. Failure to do so can come off disrespectful, even if that was not the intention.

Visitation attire does not have to be as formal as the funeral service itself. Many people are coming from work to the funeral home, so business to business-casual attire is common. You’ll definitely want to look professional and appropriate which is why I’d stick to a simple outfit of darker colors.

The funeral itself will definitely be more on the dressier side. Dresses, skirts, and dress pants are appropriate while going the extra mile to look put-together. Again, darker colors are encouraged unless noted otherwise.

Some noteworthy points that apply to both events:

  • Go the extra mile to dress modestly. Shoulders should be covered, necklines should be high, etc. People of all ages attend so it is respectful to keep that in mind when picking out an outfit. I’ve attended many funerals where someone dresses inappropriately and it comes off as discourteous.
  • Your outfit should be simple and not flashy. Statement necklaces, loud prints, brighter colors should not be apart of your attire since they can too seem bad mannered and out of place.
  • Casual clothes have no place at a funeral visitation or memorial service. Sometimes men can get away with dark denim at a funeral home visitation if the rest of their outfit is dressy, but I advise against it all together.
  • Make sure your clothes fit you well. It seems like common sense, but often people have one outfit they designate for a funeral service and when they put it on that day it’s either too tight or too big. Avoid looking sloppy and make sure you have one or two outfits that can be worn to a funeral that will keep you looking polished.

This is an outfit I have worn to a funeral before. It’s professional, uses dark colors, and very minimalist.

There is a great importance of dressing appropriate for this type of event, but I would also like to add that if there is no possible way of changing and you find yourself in the wrong attire, please still attend the visitation. Supporting a friend or family member who has lost a loved one is much more important than what you wear. It’s far from ideal, but it’s better than not going at all.


Best Rainy Day Footwear

one / two / three

four / five / six

seven / eight / nine

With spring approaching, it’s great to get your best weather-proof footwear out or to invest in a new pair. I’ve rounded up my favorites above for different types of weather situations.

Best for unpredictable weather: If you live in a climate that can rain for a short period of time and then be sunny the rest of the day, it’s good to have a pair of shorter waterproof boots. This way you won’t be in full rain gear when the weather eventually changes. Since this is a common weather situation, I think it’s smart for every woman to have at least one pair they can wear in the rain now and still not be bulky later on. All three pairs above are styles that are also great for putting on while walking into a building and change out of when you get in, like when you’re heading to the gym but don’t want your gym shoes soaked.

Best for all day rain: If you’re planning on spending more than a few minutes in the rain, you’ll want these taller pairs to keep you high and dry. Just make sure to plan your outfit around the boots as it can be unbecoming trying to stuff certain types of pants into them. In recent years, the popularity of Hunter Boots has made it socially acceptable (and stylish) to wear taller rain boots even when there’s no rain in sight. I do enjoy this look as it’s hard to reserve cute boots for solely dreary days.

Best novelty rain wear: Life is short to wear boring clothes, and these rain boots are too cute to pass up. The riding print is my favorite! Having a fun pair of rain boots will help you look forward to rainy days.

Which pair above is your favorite?

Cardigan Shell Style

I recently purchased a cardigan with matching cardigan shell from J Crew Factory and I love the look. It reminds me of an “old school preppy” style that you’d see a polished lady from the 1960’s wear. I love how J Crew & J Crew factory have been offering more of these matching cardigan/shell styles in the past few years as a resurgence of the timeless attire.

The monochromatic look of having the shell and cardigan match is very stylish and lady-like. I styled it with simple pearls and a scarf tied around my handbag to make the outfit look even more refined.

As you can see from these vintage photos above, it’s a classic item that will never go out of style. I love how Jack O (middle left) wears a patterned cardigan and shell.

How great are these styles from J Crew / J Crew Factory? After buying the red cardigan & shell, I’m tempted to get a patterned version of the style! Check them out here.

What do you think of the cardigan / shell look?

What to Wear Wednesday: Gym Starter Pack

Deciding to workout more is a great goal for anyone, but starting a fitness wardrobe can be daunting with all the choices. It takes time to know what type of workout you enjoy doing most and investing in pieces that are right for it. For example – someone can decide they want to do yoga and spend lots of money on yoga workout clothes and accessories, and then three months later find their yoga mat collecting dust in the corner of their room. As a fitness instructor, I have streamlined the absolute necessities that will prove to be a great base to start you on your fitness journey.

  1. Tops: I prefer tank tops to t-shirts overall because I sweat a lot when I workout and tanks are most comfortable, but t-shirts can be great too. Stay away from 100% cotton and stick to moisture-wicking material like a spadex/lycra blend. You should not be working out in your old high school/college t-shirts because they will trap odors, and it doesn’t help you feel your best when you’re dressed slouchy. I would recommend having at least one looser tank for most workouts, and one that has a fitted bottom for yoga sessions. I once wore a looser tank to a yoga class and it’s a horrible idea to wear in down dog.
  2. Bottoms: For starting out, black is the way to go to be a solid base for future purchases. You should have one capri style and one legging style as you will end up wearing both at different times of the year. I would invest a little more into leggings than tops because it’s more important to find a pair that fits you well, isn’t see through, and holds you in.
  3. Sports bras: I only buy racer back sports bras since you can wear them with both racer back style tanks and regular style t-shirts. Your sports bra might show at times under your top, so opt for black or something colorful vs white/nude.
  4. Socks: This is more important than you think, but socks can make or break a workout. Once you find a pair that feels comfortable during the entirety of the workout, keep buying that brand. I prefer ones with a tab on the back so they don’t slip down. I am brand loyal with my workout sock purchases and only buy Lucy socks.
  5. Tennis Shoes: Running is great, but if you plan on doing literally any other workout, opt for cross trainers. You should not be wearing running shoes for every workout since they are made with more cushion and are meant to be worn in a front to back motion (hence, running). Cross trainers are great for a majority of workouts like strength training, kickboxing, etc. I always wear Nike TR FIT and they feel like walking on air.
  6. Headband: Nothing is worse than forgetting a hair tie, but I also need a headband too to keep the hair out of my face. It’s necessary for me to have both a hair tie and headband readily available so I don’t fuss with my hair and can be focused during my workout.
  7. Water Bottle: I’m very partial to Camelbak water bottles because it’s easy to track how much water I’m drinking, they are spill proof, and I like the straw vs unscrewing a lid. I stock up on colors and keep them readily available for my daily workout .

Once you have a great base for your workout wardrobe, you can start figuring out what works best for you and investing in those pieces. I definitely recommend spending more money on shoes and workout pants, than tanks, socks, etc.

What do you recommend for a great “starter pack” to a workout wardrobe?



Winter Style Inspiration

Post holiday style can be tough to find inspiration when my wardrobe isn’t 90% all things red/plaid/gold. As we truly have a few months left of winter, especially for those of us in the north, I like to nail down different types of preppy style that I like to draw from to mix things up. Check out my summer and fall versions as well.


Cabin Fever

Think log cabin up north for a weekend escape kind of style, but you can work it into your daily wardrobe as well. This is the type of clothing that gets me excited for cooler weather – heavy sweaters, warm socks, bean boots, etc. It makes you appreciate the snow because it fits into your outfit’s asthetic. 😉

Origins: “Upstate” Midwest, Upper New England

Key Pieces: Flannels, Camp Socks, Duck Boots, Wool Sweaters, Knit Beanies, Buffalo Plaid Anything, Sherling-Lined Items

Brands: KJP / LL Bean / Woolrich / Great Lakes Clothing Co.




Most preppy styles started with the Ivy League looks of the 1950’s and haven’t strayed too far since. These looks are textbook classic and make you look both polished and playful. It can be both put-together and laid back, but for winter I appreciate the more dressy aspect of the collegiate look. Think pairing collared shirts under dresses with tights and keep the rest of the details simple.

Origins: Ivy League Schools

Key Pieces: Blazers, Watches, College Sweaters, Elbow Patches, Loafers, Oxford Cloth Button Down, Tailored Dresses

Brands: Ralph Lauren / Brooks Brothers / Tommy Hilfiger / Weyhill & Wharf



Apres Ski

An “off duty” more causal look made for outdoor activities but can also be worn outside of the slopes when running errands. I love to adopt this look in the dead of winter when I’m dressing for mainly warmth with a little style on the side. Thinks “boots with the fur” and the warmest layers possible.

Origins: Ski Culture / Mountain Towns

Key Pieces: Down Jacket, Ski Sweater, Sorel Boots, Vests, Fleeces

Brands: Patagonia / Eddie Bauer / Sorel / North Face



Winter Coastal

This look is fresh, as it incorporates summer neutrals into winter textures. Heavier knits take over, but the colors stay the same – shades of ivory, blues, and other deeper toned neutrals. Simple details pull it together, like brass buttons on a navy peacoat or a plaid scarf over stripes.

Origins: East Coast

Key Pieces: Fisherman Sweater, Double Breasted Peacoats, Stripes, Bean Boots, Nautical inspired details – like an anchor sweater

Brands: J Crew Vineyard Vines /  KJP / Sperry


Which style do you draw from the most for your winter wardrobe?

Camilyn Beth Navy Dress


When it comes to investing in formal wear, I like to buy a dress that I can wear for many years that meets a simple criteria. Can this dress be worn more than one season throughout the year? Can it be worn to more than one type of occasion? Can I dress it up and down?

This navy Go Go dress by Camilyn Beth checks all these boxes that I require for the perfect outfit!

img_8159img_8158img_8176img_8162Dress c/o Camilyn Beth  /  Clutch – Talbots (last year) / Shoes – Talbots (last year) / Earrings – c/o Demosille Pearls

I like to dress fun yet classic, without being too trendy. The navy keeps the dress in the classic territory, where the ruffle collar and gold button details keep it from being boring. This dress has a lot of staying power to serve you well for years to come.

I’ve worn Camilyn Beth dresses before so I’m familiar with the quality, but it truly stands out from the pack when it comes to the construction and design. Even opening the package you can immediately tell how nice of a product it is ( & made in the USA). The dress is a heavier material, the gold buttons on the back are heavy duty snaps, and the collar stands up nicely. It may seem unimportant, but the attention to detail is what makes you fall in love with the dress and keep wearing it year after year.

I’ll be wearing this dress to the next wedding I attend! I also think they would make great bridesmaid dresses, especially since this design comes in tons of colors. Check out Camilyn Beth to see what other great styles they offer.

How to Dress for Late Summer

Although we still have a month left of summer, the beginning of the school year has society getting back into routine and has us anticipating the next season. With fall right around the corner, it can be difficult picking out outfits when you’ve been rotating through the same clothing choices for a few months now. Here are my tips for dressing for late summer:late summer

  1. Mix in darker neutrals for accessories. Now is a great time to start adding in darker neutral colors in form of accessories. For example – I’m wearing my rope belt less and my brown leather belt more, as well as wearing darker leather shoes vs. summer sandals. I also love bandanas around the neck to give any outfit a more rustic/Americana look that’s often associated with late summer & early fall.
  2. Don’t put away your white staples. It’s the perfect time to create fresh and interesting outfits by wearing your whites in a new way. White denim, for example, can be worn with gingham, chambray, olive greens, burgundy, etc. to mix in a little fall into your summer wardrobe. White makes a great base to really make other colors pop, so take advantage and mix in fall colors now with it.
  3. Add a few light layers from your fall wardrobe. If you’re really getting sick of dressing for summer, dip into your fall clothes and pull a few light layers to add to your summer outfits. This could be a light sweater, darker purse, or even a pair of loafers.
  4. Transition from summer brights to deeper tones. I’m starting to wear less super bright clothes and transitioning to richer tones. I love dark greens, navy, burgundy, gray, and soft orange to take me from summer into the next season. There’s exceptions of course, and you can see above that I love a good summer plaid for the end of the season. Just make sure to tone it down by pairing it with neutrals.
  5. Dress for the weather and the season. Although we are excited for fall, remember that dressing appropriately means dressing for the weather as well. Every year after Labor Day I see women sweating it out in boots because they’re so excited to wear them. There’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style if you learn to mix summer and fall the right way.


Here are two late summer outfits – one from last year and one from this week. We have had cooler mornings and evenings lately in Michigan so I’ve been able to wear a sweater without sweating. On the left I paired a lightweight fall sweater with gray and white and loved how it turned out, and on the right I stuck with classic color combo.

transition outfit

A few more examples of late summer outfits – I love how each lady used neutrals to create a classic look for the end of the season. The use of white, chambray, navy, and olive green are all foolproof for putting together an effortless late summer look.


Again, a few more examples of fantastic late summer outfits. Each has a little texture or pattern added in to create interest, and I love the use of neutrals to pull together the entire look.

Caught Me Off Garden


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.24.06 AMIMG_6509IMG_6531Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.23.58 AMIMG_6530Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.24.15 AMdress – lilly pulitzer / wedge – jack rogers / purse – dooney

Joe and I went to Cranbrooks Gardens to walk around this past weekend before we attended a party. We’ve always loved exploring Cranbrook at this time of  year because all the flowers are in full bloom. Lilly is the perfect lightweight dress for hot days during the summer.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.31.15 AMFullSizeRender

I wore my new Lilly shift I got at the Village Palm in Grosse Pointe. I had won a contest from them and received a giftcard to the store and was able to purse this dress for only $19! I tried on four of them, but this one was my favorite. The store had a great atmosphere (as all Lilly stores do) with beautifully decorated changing rooms. The advantage of buying Lilly in store is being able to shop the sale rack that is nonexistent online except for a few annual sales. I was really happy with my experience and would recommend Village Palm to anyone who lives in southeast Michigan.

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