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Apple Picking

vest c/o brooks brothers red fleece / sweater – brooks brothers (old), shirt – uniqulo / pants – gap maternity / boots – sperry 

Joe and I went apple picking last Friday and I wore my new vest from Brooks Brothers Red Fleece collection. If you aren’t familiar with Red Fleece, it’s a line from Brooks Brothers that caters to a younger crowd with slimmer proportions and updated fits. They recently came out with a line of puffer jackets and vests and asked me to try one out for their #PassThePuffer campaign.

I love vests (maybe too much) and am glad they’ve been around so long with no sign of going out of style. I like that puffer vests have recently gotten slimmer but with an emphasis on warmth. This means the selection available isn’t just super puffy ones but the lightweight ones are even warmer than before. It’s perfect for traveling because it’s packable and also water repellent in case of those days with unpredictable weather.

Lastly, they have a ton of color selections (eight for men and women, four for kids) and the inside is a contrasting color. You can see in a few of the photos the navy trim on the inside. It makes for an attractive vest that will be worn for years to come!



Autumn Attire

topper – c/o pink pineapple shop , shirt – ralph lauren . leggings – tommy hilfiger old, purse c/o mark and graham, boots c/o sperry old (one in a size 7 on poshmark here), 

It’s been such a warm fall so far and there are no signs of cooling off just yet. It’s been really  nice for spending time outdoors but I do miss wearing fall coats! I keep telling myself there will be plenty of cooler days and I’ll wish for these days back.

Since I haven’t been sporting the usual layers, I’ve been enjoying this cashmere blend topper that Pink Pineapple Shop sent me. It’s a really sophisticated item that pairs perfectly with leggings and boots. I already have outfits planned for it for winter that include a plaid scarf to compliment the camel color.

What I like about this topper is how lightweight it is – it’s not too bulky of a layer while still keeping me warm. Great for these nicer days of fall! Pink Pineapple Shop has lots of cute items (many monogrammed), and great prices as well!  Once we get closer to winter I’ll be sporting this warm hat  as much as I can.


The Cape Scarf

I’ve worn ponchos from time to time (and I’ll cover them more in the next few weeks), but last year I got my first cape scarf to style and I really enjoy the look. In the world of these cape scarfs, there are many names applied to them – wraps, shawls, and even ruanas. For this post I’m going to refer to them as cape scarves.


Here is the current cape/scarf I own originally from Tuckernuck but the same one is less expensive from Modcloth. They don’t have this exact print this year but they have two similar ones!

I really like how the inside is a different pattern. It’s technically reverse-able but I’ve only worn the plaid side out so far. I’ll definitely be wearing the other side out soon to get the most out of it!

I think the style is very ladylike and high end when worn right. I want to get a few more for the fall/winter as they are a classic item that happens to be on-trend in the fashion world right now which means a great time to find a nice variety to choose from. My only hesitation with them is if the plaid ones look too much like a plaid blanket draped around an outfit, but I believe keeping the rest of the outfit tailored and polished will balance out the heavy nature of the cape scarf to create an overall stylish look.

I took to pinterest to find a little more inspiration and I think all these girls nail the cape scarf in a fun and mature way that’s not frumpy one bit.


I found a few styles from J. Crew I really liked, but would love your help picking it out. I’m leaning towards option #2 or #3 and tried both of them on in store. I am a little leary of the plaid one looking like I took a blanket and wrapped it around my outfit, but I know wearing more form fitting clothes underneath will help with that. Choice #2 is an ivory and black, and I don’t wear a lot of black, but I do love a buffalo check.

—-Please let me know in the comments which choice you like! —-


If you haven’t heard the news from Instagram, I’m pregnant (17 weeks!) so I’ve been really thinking over how I’ll want to dress during this time. I was very discouraged for a long time thinking there weren’t a lot of classic/preppy options since clothes are a big part of my life. One day I remembered one of my old favorite Instagrammers, Karla Reed, had a few very fashionable pregnancies without using many maternity clothes! Her second pregnancy was very preppy and classic and gave me hope for figuring this thing out. 🙂

Disclaimer: While I may be sharing my outfits that fit a maternity style from time to time, it will not be solely about pregnancy or maternity wear. I want to continue posting content that serves a clear purpose of showing my style alongside practical tips and tricks for your wardrobe. I want my readers to come away from a blog post learning something applicable to themselves and not just a place for pictures.

What to Wear to a Rehearsal Dinner

I’ve had the opportunity to stand up in three weddings, as well as attend countless rehearsal dinners for family and friends. It’s always a lovely occasion to go through the next day’s big event and say thank you with a dinner to those involved. I do have some tips for both those in the wedding and those attending the rehearsal dinner as to what to wear:

Don’t wear white. This is reserved for the bride for all bridal acitivities, whether it’s her shower, rehearsal dinner, and definitely the wedding. Wearing a dress that has white on it (like my bridesmaid dress above) is OK, but a solid white or overall “bridal” looking dress is always a no. Play is safe and wear a different color.

Wear the same shoes that you’ll wear the next day. This mainly applies to anyone standing up in the wedding. You’ll want to do a test run with your shoes during the rehearsal in case you need any last minute fixes. I would even suggest wearing a similar dress with the shoes to the rehearsal just to get the feel of it. In the wedding above, I wore a maxi dress and I normally am not used to wearing them so I had to get the feel of picking it up before climbing up altar stairs, etc. It’s smart to wear as close to your next day outfit for the test run!

Dress appropriately for the occasion. This may require a little investigating, but you’ll need to be able to tell how fancy of an event it will be to dress for it. Most rehearsal dinners are a step below the “fancy” level of the wedding, but some cultures and families may have just as fancy of an occasion. I would use the invitation, location of restaurant, and personality of the bride as clues on how to dress. A simple dress is always a safe bet.

Have you been to a rehearsal dinner? Do you have any other tips? 

Sail Away

dress – ralph lauren old / bracelet – kjp / shoes – clarks old, belt – c/o ll bean

I remember seeing this dress years ago from Ralph Lauren and never pulled the trigger on buying it. While I don’t advocate buying excessively, sometimes there are things that stick out to you that you didn’t buy and wish you did. This is one of those items I wish I bought, but thankfully Poshmark is the place for second chances!

I’m the last person on earth to discover Poshmark, but I’m definitely addicted. There are items I didn’t buy and regret, so I know when I can remember them years later that I probably should have purchased them. I love being able to search Poshmark and buy the items I regretted not buying now for a fraction of the price. This sailboat dress was purchased for $20!

This L.L. Bean belt above is my new favorite accessory! Made of thick rope and leather, it’s the perfect accent to any dress for summer. It compliments the sailboat dress perfectly, but would also make more of a statement on a plain dress. I look forward to wearing it often throughout the season.

Is there anything you’ve regretted not buying? I still have one more thing that haunts me – a hunter green j crew puffer vest. It was on sale but I didn’t buy it because a friend of mine just got a different green vest and I didn’t want to seem like I was copying her. That’s definitely not a good reason not to buy something! I check Poshmark every so often but am still searching for the exact one. 🙂

White Dress of Summer

Buckley Dress c/o Duffield Lane  / Shoes – Jack Rogers / Bracelet c/o KJP  / Purse – Dooney & Bourke

Duffield Lane recently sent me this beautiful white dress for summer and I adore it. White is so fresh for the new season and can be worn to many events over the summer, with the exception of a wedding. 😉

I have worn this brand many times over the years and am always impressed with the style and fit of the item. As I get older, the fit of my clothes becomes more important to me. A poorly fitted item can make even a great outfit look bad if the proportions aren’t right. Duffield Lane always nails the fit and I feel like the item was made for me.

The eyelet detail is darling and I love the neckline of the dress especially. White dresses are very versatile, but I also love the navy/white version as well.

I just got these shoes and was excited to wear them! I have wanted them for a few years but don’t love dropping that much on sandals too often, so when I do get a pair of Jacks I usually don’t buy any other sandals that year. I figure I’d rather have one pair of Jack Rogers than 3-4 cheaper sandals. My first pair is around 3 years old and still look great.

Do you have a go-to white dress? And how do you feel about Jack Rogers? I’d love to hear in the comments!

What to Wear Wednesday: Critter Prints

Is there anything preppier than a well placed critter print? Critter prints, not to be confused with animal prints, are small silhouettes of the animal embroidered all over an item of clothing. It’s most commonly seen on shorts, particularly men’s shorts, but you can find a critter print on many things if you look hard enough. I have many critter print items including shirts, shorts, skirts, and even shoes. It’s both whimsical and preppy, and shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is too short not to wear fun clothes!

Among critter prints, you can also find similar items with an object motif on them, such as a small nautical embroidery throughout a print. This summer it’s easy to find these object motifs even through main stream retailers. Old Navy’s newest men’s collection has a ton of American flag motifs items that I’m tempted to buy my husband.

I love that J. Crew brought back the critter shorts reminiscent of their early days! The crab tote is pretty cute too.

It’s so easy to find critter prints for men, I’m rather jealous! My husband needs that seersucker pair with the lobster print on them.

It’s easy to get into a rut in the colder months of wearing the same old thing, which is why I use the warmer months to revive my wardrobe and wear my more “fun” items. Critter items are definitely near the top of the list of items that are more summer appropriate and go great with a lighter, brighter closet.

Do you own anything with a critter print on it?

Tassel Earrings!

There’s no denying that tassels are having a huge moment right now, especially in the form of earrings. I’m not normally one to jump on the trend bandwagon, but I’ve really admired how the tassel look adds a fun element to even the most classic outfits. The biggest turn off for me has been price. Many tassel earrings are anywhere from $40-$80, and when you want all the colors like I do, that starts to add up. Enter The Tiny Tassel – owned by Mimi Striplin, all her products are hand made in the USA and start at $12 a pair!

earrings (the radcliffe) c/o the tiny tassel

For me, trends are always a risk so I would rather invest money into classic items and then save money on trends since I don’t know how they’ll look on me. Sometimes I like how trends look on other people but not on myself. These earrings are low risk because of the great price and they’d be super cute on anyone. I immediately tried these on and was really happy with how they look! I wore them twice this past weekend and received tons of compliments. I can’t stop raving about these earrings to everyone I meet!

Summer is a great time to have fun with your style and these earrings will be in heavy rotation in my summer wardrobe. They style so well with any outfit – especially summer dresses. I currently have the cornflower blue and white pair, but I’m thinking about buying a red pair later this week since my summer wardrobe consists of lots of red, white, & blue. What I really like about these earrings is they are lightweight and they have no backs on them – they don’t come off at all and they’re so easy to take off at the end of the day! I can’t say enough great things about The Tiny Tassel. Give the website a peek and see the other jewelry/clothes/accessories that are available with tassels on them –  you won’t be disappointed!



What to Wear Wednesday: Fall Clothes in Spring

We can all get in the rut of wearing the same outfits the same ways over and over again. Sometimes I need a little inspiration or a new way to put a look together. If you still have some fall/winter clothes out, there are a few ways to work them into your spring wardrobe for a fresh, new look.

Camel: When I think of camel I think of a fall color often seen on blazers/coats/shoes, however, the color can look quite nice for spring. Paired with neutrals above such as a large portion of white, it breathes new life into the color. I especially like it with chambray and stripes like the photo on the right. I won’t be putting away my camel blazer anytime soon but incorporating it into some spring outfits.

Olive Green: I’m definitely guilty of seeing olive green solely as a fall color, but it can be so versatile for all year round. I have a favorite pair of olive green pants and it makes a great base for spring outfits. I especially like it paired with soft pink to mix in that feminine touch.

Plaid Shirts: I used to put all my plaid shirts away come spring but now I leave a few out and pair them with white pants. It makes the plaid pop more and makes it spring appropriate. I’ll try to add in at least one spring/summer accessory to the outfit to help transition it effortlessly into warmer weather. All the plaid shirts I keep out are cotton though, I put my flannels away til it gets colder again.


Are there any fall items you like to re-purpose for spring? I’d love to know, please leave your tip in the comments!

What to Wear Wednesday: Kentucky Derby Party

I have loved the Kentucky Derby for a long time – I even had my bridal shower on the same day (4 years ago) and had it as a derby theme! Last year my husband surprised me with a trip to the derby for Christmas and we had the best time. I try not to hype things up in my mind too much in fear of being disappointed, but attending the Kentucky Derby was such a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone.

If you are not able to make it to the derby, but perhaps are attending a derby theme party to view the event, I have some outfit tips for you.

  1. Always pick the hat first, not the dress. There are limited hat options but endless dresses, it will be much easier to pick the hat first. I got my hat and fascinator for the derby (hat shown above) from Nordstrom and was really happy with it. Hats are something you need to try on before buying since everyone looks different in different styles, and I was so impressed that my local Nordstrom had so many to choose from! I was worried I’d match a lot of other women, but out of thousands of people at the Kentucky Derby, I didn’t see a single other person with my hat. There are more choices in the store than online, so make sure to check it out.
  2. After you picked out the hat, the dress will be easier to coordinate. A lot times you may have an existing dress that compliments your headpiece, but if you’d like to get something new I’d look for a fun shift or fit ‘n flare style. Longer dresses aren’t really the derby style, so look for something that hits at the knee or right above.
  3. Add lady-like jewelry and accessories to complete the look. The whole novelty of the Kentucky Derby is that it’s a nod to good ole’ fashion tradition. There’s nothing sleek or modern about it. Play up the lady-like look with pearls, lipstick, and perhaps white gloves.

A photo from Oaks Day (the races on the day before the derby) last year. We were able to see Kiel James Patrick, our favorite Instagrammer. 🙂 I wore a fascinator to the event and paired it with the pink as is the tradition for Oaks Day.

This is a photo from our time at the Kentucky Derby. We sat second row on the finish line, which was cool because Joe’s snap chat of the finish made the official Snap Chat story that day. 🙂

A photo from inside Churchill Downs.

If you’re attending the derby this year, you probably have your hat and outfit picked out but I do have a few tips that I had previously read online and glad I followed!

  1. Bring a larger purse. I originally wanted to bring a clutch, but am glad I brought a larger purse. It’s a long day and there are some essentials you’ll want to pack. Bring sunscreen with you as you’re in direct sunlight all day, also flip flops for the walk back afterwards, and cash to make buying items easier.
  2. Wear wedges if you plan on going on the infield at all or are on the infield. We were on the infield for Oaks day and got seats for the Derby, and I was glad to have comfortable wedges on. You do get tired the end of the day and will be thankful for the flip flops in your purse for afterwards.
  3. Buy water and make sure you stay hydrated. I would even recommend bringing hydration tablets to put in water to help this process. It will help keep your energy up throughout the day so you have a wonderful time.

This photo is from two years ago visiting Green Dot Stables in Detroit for their derby party. Planning on going again this year!

A derby look from a few years ago featuring the hat I wore for my bridal shower (from Brooks Brothers).

Have you ever been to a Derby Party?

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