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Vacation Outfits

I just went on vacation with my husband and three of our closest friends to Cabo, Mexico. It was a wonderful time with amazing weather. It was nice to see the sun everyday! Here are some of the outfits I wore during the trip:

striped maxi dress c/o vineyard vines / tassel necklace c/o vineyard vines

striped tank c/o duffield lane / shorts – j crew factory / sandals – jack rogers / sunglasses c/o izipizi

dress – c/o persifor / clutch – j crew factory / sandals – jack rogers

dress – lilly pulitzer (poshmark purchase) / bracelet – c/o allison cole 

shep shirt – c/o vineyard vines / shorts – j crew factory / bracelet – kjp / shoes – sperry

Here are a few more pics from vacation –

Have you ever been to Cabo?


Marco Island with Mark & Graham

My family look a trip to Marco Island, Florida at the end of January, and we had such a wonderful time! It was sunny every day and it was just what we needed after such gloomy weather back in Michigan. This is our second time to Marco Island as a family, and Joe and I’s third time to the area. There are so many great things to do in Marco Island and nearby Naples, and being on the Gulf of Mexico side makes for gorgeous sunsets.

Coastal Cut-Out Bag – c/o Mark & Graham  /   Terminal 1 Carry-On Luggage- c/o Mark & Graham

I decided for the week long trip I would only bring a carry-on luggage and tote, and I had more than enough room to do so. I’m a big fan of doing carry-on only when possible, so I’ve been searching for the perfect luggage for years. This carry-on luggage is the answer to my prayers! It’s the right size for all airlines to qualify, has a hard case that makes a great structure for fitting all the essentials, and has handy organizational compartments inside for easy access (see photo above of it opened up). You can even lock it if you’d like! The quality and style are always a home run from Mark & Graham and this luggage is no exception. 🙂

The coastal cut-out bag is the perfect compliment to the luggage as it’s the right size to count as your “personal item”, but also roomy enough to fit tons of other items. The best part is that I used it as a beach tote and purse all week – it’s functional and stylish! I put all my “liquids” on the top of the bag so I could easily access them during the airport security, as well as items I wanted easy access to during the flight like my ipad, magazines, etc

Yoga class on the beach at sunset!

.We had a fantastic time in Florida, and can’t wait til the next time we go back!

How The West Was Won


Joe and I went to Arizona at the beginning of October and I wanted to share a few pictures from our trip!

We started out in Flagstaff and headed to the Grand Canyon from there. Our first view of the canyon was awful – it was zero visibility because of fog/cloud cover. After waiting 30 minutes and driving down further we got our first glimpse! Definitely a must-see since pictures don’t do it justice.


The next day we went to Antelope Canyon, which is in Page, AZ almost to the top of the state. You may recognize the canyon since it’s a common desktop background / stock photo. It was at the top of my list for our Arizona trip and it did not disappoint!



Since there’s an upper and lower canyon, we had some time in between to visit Horseshoe Canyon nearby. It was beautiful, yet also stressed me out because of the cliff edge. Girls were doing headstands next to the edge – anything for the instagram!


The next morning we met up with friends in Pheonix and hiked Camelback Mountain nearby. It was so hard but worth it! I can’t thank my LL Bean hiking boots enough – they were incredible during the entire trip with all the hiking/climbing we did.



The last day, Joe and his friends went to the Cardinals football game while my friend Erika and I visited Scottsdale’s Desert Botanical Garden. It was all cactus and succulents. Because all the plants were placed purposeful throughout the garden, it was stunning! I wouldn’t think desert plants could be so beautiful.



Thanks for reading! We can’t wait to go back to Arizona and want to visit more of the red rock part of the state next time.

Fall Birthday Picnic

img_2175I love having a September birthday for many reasons, one of them being how beautiful the weather ends up being. That time at the end of summer and beginning of fall is perfect with crisp mornings and sunny days. For my birthday, Joe and I went apple picking at our favorite local orchard (fun fact – I used to work there in high school), and then had a little picnic afterwards. Mark & Graham were gracious enough to send over some essentials for a perfect picnic!


Processed with Snapseed.


If you haven’t heard of Mark & Graham, do me a favor and take a peek at their website. Everything they sell is fantastic quality and can be tastefully monogrammed. It’s a dream come true for someone like me who loves to monogram everything!

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-8-25-14-pm2-in-1 Car Organizer c/o  / Plaid Ground Cover c/o  / Travel Ice Cooler c/o

The car organizer is incredible! I just bought a new car in the spring and went from having a sedan to a hatchback, and had a hard time finding something to keep the back of my car organized. The three compartments are so handy, and the entire thing stays put while I drive. It also comes with a small cooler that fits in one of the three compartments. This is perfect for everyday life to throw essentials in and know they won’t move around. My favorite use is putting groceries in it! The entire thing collapses and velcros tightly if you need to put it aside. This is a must buy!

Plaid Ground Cover is great for all outdoor events. I always have to use a random blanket for picnics, outdoor concerts, etc., but this ground cover is thick and water resistant. No more needing to worry about damp grass or spilling something – trust me when I say this thing is resilient. The handy leather carrier and cute monogram is too cute not to own! This is one of those things you buy once and own for decades, so might as well get a nice one now!

The travel ice cooler is perfect to complete your trio, and others will appreciate your coordination when you whip it out. The plaid on these things is irresistible, and I love the subtle monogram on the leather tab on the front of the cooler. It’s a pretty large cooler, so it would be a smart and stylish way to replace a picnic basket since it will keep things neat and cool.

All-in-all these Mark & Graham items will help complete the perfect outdoor excursion whether summer, spring, or fall.

Why I Print My Photos

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.52.14 PM

photos c/o social print studio

I started printing my photos a few years back when I realized I was only keeping my pics on my phone and computer and not revisiting them unless they came up on Facebook. I have fond memories growing up looking through old photos, whether it was of my ancestors, my parents when they were younger, or myself as a child. Technology is fantastic, but with all the access to cameras at our fingertips, printing photos should be the more prevalent than it is.

I don’t mind the average 4×6 glossy print from Walgreens, but when I discovered Social Print Studio it changed how I printed photos completely. Now I had a source to print my photos that had a beautiful matte finish and some weight to it. I don’t want to store my prints anymore, I want to display them!


Social Print Studio does an excellent job printing and packaging their photos. I am partial to the square prints and miniprints. They even have an app so you can order prints right from your phone. At the end of every season, I go through my iPhoto and pick photos to print so the task doesn’t get away from me. I’m pleasantly surprised each time I get my package! I’ve been doing this for about a year and a half with Social Print and love the results every time.

  1. It makes revisiting old photos easy. Instead of searching through your camera roll or iPhoto library, you can have your favorite moments at your fingertips. It’s rewarding to have these moments printed instead of sitting on a device.
  2. It’s an instant mood booster. There’s a reason you’ve chosen the photos you print – they are probably a memory you cherish or a person (or pet) that you love. Having these photos displayed puts you in a good mood because it’s a physical reminder of the happy moments of your life.
  3. It’s a solid back-up to technology. I love technology and totally rely on my computer and hard drives to store images, but I’ve heard horror stories about computers crashing and people losing everything. Although physical photos can also be destroyed, it’s nice to your favorite moments printed as a back-up.
  4. They’re nice to have for future generations. We have photos of my grandparents, great-grandparents, and so forth that are very few and very precious to our family. We have scanned them onto computers, yet we still hold the physical photos when we reminisce about the past. I would like to think that someday my future grandchildren can look through my photos like I did with my grandparents. There’s something wonderful and nostalgic about this experience that technology can’t replace.
  5. They help us to take more purposeful shots. We take thousands of photos (ask my husband about taking my picture for Instagram…), yet we print very few! Now that I print photos, I’m more intentional about taking photos of moments I experience whether it’s a group shot of friends, a candid at an event, or photos of my family. Make sure the photos you take aren’t just selfies or when you’re dressed up, but of everyday moments you want to remember.
  6. Make a friend or family member’s day. I’m known as the friend who prints photos, so when I get a shipment in of photos they can expect to get a few prints for themselves. Since many people don’t print photos themselves, I can always find my prints displayed in their homes! It’s a wonderful gift to give someone memories they didn’t know would ever make it off an iPhone. 😉


There are endless ways to display your photos! My favorite way is to put them on my fridge. I just got a bunch printed so my fridge is full of my favorite summer memories (below).


Do you print photos?

Oaks & Kentucky Derby

Oaks Day

Joe and I had so much fun on our trip to the Derby! The day before the Derby is the Oaks day where you are encouraged to wear pink to show support for breast cancer survivors. We had infield tickets for that day so we had fun walking around and taking in the atmosphere. We even ran into KJP and if you follow him on snap chat I made an appearance! It was great seeing him again and chatting with the Vineyard Vines crew.


0xWpx6ZNIMG_5835 (1)

Derby Day

We had a blast at the Kentucky Derby. We got second row seats on the starting line so we had an amazing view of the races. We went into the infield briefly to visit the Vineyard Vines tent and met a fellow IG-er named Meghan from Boston who was super sweet! If you watched the Kentucky Derby snap story you would have seen one of Joe’s snaps from the final race.

We didn’t bet on any horses but we had so much fun being at the Derby and experiencing Churchill Downs for ourselves. I personally enjoyed seeing everyone dressed up so nicely – ladies in hats and men in seersucker. It was quite the sight to look out in the crowd and see a sea of hats, fascinators, and bow ties. It’s definitely an event everyone should experience for themselves at some point.

IMG_6111IMG_6248 (1)IMG_6207


hat (similiar here) – nordstrom / dress – belk

D.C. Trip!

My husband, Joe, and I had a wonderful trip to Washington D.C. We wanted to do a city trip at the end of summer and went back and forth between NYC an D.C. We ultimately decided on D.C. because neither of us have been since grade school. We stayed in a wonderful airbnb on historic Logan Circle, which was a short walk from the National Mall. We did all the museums, monuments, and historic buildings we could fit into four days. Our highlight was a visit to the Capitol via a tour from someone from our congresswoman’s office. We were able to sit in the House Chamber where the State of the Union speech is given amongst other significant events. The normal tours don’t get to go inside so we were rather lucky!

IMG_9924 IMG_0006 jefferson

I packed pretty well, wearing everything I brought with the exception of one polo. I dressed appropriately for the weather, however, I wish I would have brought better shoes. Jack Rogers were a horrible choice for Day 1, and my Sperry’s were just O.K. I also would have brought a bigger crossbody bag since mine barely holds anything. I borrowed my friend’s charging case, which charges your iPhone all the way back to 100% after it gets low battery. That was a life saver for the trip and I’ll be purchasing one for my next iPhone!

We were able to meet three friends from Instagram and had a lovely time with each one:

dave moneyDinner with Dave ( at Founding Farmers was fantastic. He is a really cool guy and we love following him on instagram.

tierdearI’ve wanted to meet Tierney ( in real life for awhile so I knew we’d hit it off. She took us to the best brunch at Farmers, Fishers, Bakers, and then joined us at the Newseum and Spy Museum. She was a wonderful tour guide of Georgetown, and great company during our trip.

IMG_9998Lauren, half of Necessary & Proper, met us for breakfast on Sunday. She is so sweet and is also a Michigan girl. We thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with her, especially hearing her stories about the real life Winklevoss twins.


We loved visiting D.C. and meeting instagram friends in real life! Have you been? What’s your favorite part?

Summer Isn’t Over Yet…

Every time we get to the end of the season, we tend to jump right into the next without fully enjoying the time we are in. This time of year brings new fall arrivals in stores, the desire to wear sweaters and boots, and all things pumpkin-spiced (unless you’re me and you’re more of an apple cider girl). I absolutely enjoy fall, especially since I believe it’s Michigan’s best season, but I’m not done enjoying summer and you shouldn’t be either. Let’s savor every last ounce of summer we have left because we all know winter is way too long. Here are five reasons to soak up the rest of August:

IMG_98491. Sunflowers: Nothing says “last hooray of summer” like a bouquet of sunflowers. Whether you find a patch of them, or find them at the supermarket, they are in season and readily available. They last awhile as well as liven up your home.

2. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: We are currently in prime fruit and veggie season and I love going to a local stand and buying them right from the farmer. It’s less expensive than buying them at the grocery store, they’re fresher, and you support local businesses. I’ve recently been making these zucchini pizza bites and they are easy and turn out great. My only advice: it’s easy to go crazy, but try to buy only what you know you’re gonna eat so you don’t have to throw out too much waste.

3. Water: If you’re lucky enough to live by lakes, you’ll notice the water is warmer. It’s a lot nicer swimming and spending time by the lake now that the water has finally warmed up. I’m looking forward to Labor Day when I’ll be able to take advantage of warm lakes.

4. Extra Weekends: There are five weekends in August, and we have three left. Instead of dreaming for fall, make the most of them and cross off anything you haven’t done on your summer bucket list. Enjoy time outdoors, read in your backyard, and take advantage of the extra daylight. S’mores taste better in the summer over a bonfire anyway.

5. Anticipation of Fall: While enjoying every last second of summer, sometimes it’s more fun to anticipate a season than when you are in the middle of one. Knowing that there will be changes coming soon in weather, clothes, and even food (chicken chili in my slow cooker…) are enough to put you in a good mood due to excitement.


Style Advice for the Rest of August:

As the end of each season approaches, I take a quick look over my closet and decide which items I love but didn’t wear as much as I wanted to, or even at all. It’s easy to get into the routine of wearing the same outfits, so making a list (categorized by item type, such as dresses, shoes, etc.) and list a few pieces I want to wear encourages me to make the most of my wardrobe.

This practice will help you:

  • Get out of a style rut that’s easy to fall into at the end of a season.
  • Wear the pieces you love but may have overlooked.
  • Bring out your creative side in wearing items in new and different combinations.

Once I change over into fall clothes, I don’t see many of my warm weather items til late spring. Winter is extremely long, so I want to take advantage of wearing all things white, bright, and in summer fabrics such as seersucker or madras before I have to say goodbye for a good 8 months.


How do you enjoy the last part of summer? Do you transition quickly into fall, or try to wear summer clothes as long as possible?




Wyoming Trip: See What I Packed


I love seeing what people pack for trips so I’m sharing what I’m packing for mine. Tonight I leave for a trip to Wyoming with my two best friends, Ravae & Julie. Ravae’s family lives in Wyoming so she spends part of the summer and every Christmas there. We are tagging along this year, and it’s my first time out west. I consider myself a “professional packer” so here’s what I had to keep in mind when packing:

  • Outfit for the plane there and back.
    • I usually wear the same thing on the plane there that I do on the way home whenever I fly. I pick something comfortable and wrinkle free, without wearing sweatpants/sweatshirt. I’ll be wearing jeans, long sleeve shirt, baseball hat, and a pair of Sperry’s. It gets to 50 degrees at night, which is when I’m landing, hence why I’m wearing jeans and long sleeves.
  • I’ll be hiking, 4-wheeling, & going to a rodeo.
    • I had to bring a variety of items for the different activities and events going on. For hiking and 4-wheeling, I have workout pants/top as well as tennis shoes I don’t mind getting dirty. For the rodeo I packed a western shirt with a bridle print, short cowboy booties, and my Ralph Lauren belt buckle. 😀
  • I’ll be gone 6 days, 5 nights.
    • It can be a bit tricky to pack for a longer trip to somewhere I haven’t been before. I made sure to pack 6 bottoms (2 jeans, 3 shorts, 1 skirt), and 7 shirts (2 tees, 1 tank top, 4 button downs), and made sure the majority of items were interchangeable.

I’m very excited for this trip although I’ll miss my husband and kitty. I’m hoping to come back home with these cowboy boots.

Have you ever been to Wyoming?


Today marks my two-year wedding anniversary with my husband Joe. We had our wedding photos done at one of my favorite places, the Ford Estate in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, where Henry Ford’s son Edsel resided with his family. Our reception was nearby in a hall that used to be a 1920’s speakeasy and has kept its early 20th century charm. It was a wonderful day and I am daily humbled by how blessed I am to be Joe’s wife.

All photos below are by the very talented Red Cole Photo who shoots in Metro Detroit.

FordHouse-75 Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 9.57.55 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.25.34 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.25.27 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.25.18 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.25.05 AM

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