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How to Give a Thoughtful Gift

photo via extrapetite

The Christmas season is upon us and the time has come to finish your Christmas shopping. Buying gifts for others can be tricky, even if you know the person really well. Instead of putting together a list of general gift ideas, I put together tips to help you think of a gift that goes beyond the basic gift realm. Remember, putting the time and effort into getting someone a gift that fits their personality is part of what makes the gift special.

1. Brainstorm: Take a pen and paper and write down things you know about this person. It can be personality traits, likes/dislikes, hobbies, or their favorite possessions. This will give you a good place to jump start from and work off of as you think of that great gift. Use those keywords you wrote down later on in step #4.

2. “Snoop”: One of the best ways to figure out what a person might really want is to check out their social media. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to look for a common theme of things they may like. For example, if someone keeps pinning pretty hair clips, maybe they’d like to add one to their collection.

3. Look for Clues: Do they complain about something in particular? Find a gift that fixes their problem. (e.g. Your aunt complains how cold her house is therefore a heated blanket might be a great solution). Does the person rave about a particular product, place, or a person such as a celebrity? Write it down in your phone notes so you don’t forget. It may be a good clue for what to get them.

4. Research: Using all the tools above, find a common trend and start doing research. Look at various sites to find products reviews.  This is very important as the will help guide you on what product is best. If you’re looking for a unique gift, I highly recommend Etsy. You can type in any keyword and it will show you many different products both vintage or handmade that could make for a fantastic gift. Some of the best gifts I have given (and received) were from Etsy.

5. Wrapping: While it’s not necessary to wrap a gift nicely, a well wrapped gift shows thoughtfulness and attention to detail. It’s worth it to go the extra mile to finish off your gift with a well executed wrap job.

Do you have any other gift buying tips?


Fun Real Fun

FullSizeRender copy

rug c/o fun real fun / bag c/o scout bags

The floor above is not a dock or whitewash floor, but a rug. I couldn’t believe how realistic it looks! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received it, but I’m really impressed with the quality and look of it. The mat is a nice smooth texture, and the bottom of it grips the floor so it doesn’t slid at all. They’re for indoor/outdoor use and are machine washable which is a win in my book.

The Scout Bag is wonderful as well! With all the pockets and the roomy flat bottom inside, it’s perfect for bringing dishes to parties, having a picnic, or a day at the beach. My friend has this bag and uses it for dog toys/supplies because of all the handy compartments (it doesn’t hurt that her dog’s name is also Scout).


I’ve been searching for a rug under my clock table in my living room and love how this rug  lightens the room up. Again, I cannot stress how nice it is that it doesn’t slide around!



The biggest bonus for me is it makes a nice backdrop for flat lays photos for instagrams. Flat lays are an interesting way to showcase clothing and accessories that I own and love, and I’m always in search of new backdrops besides my wood floors. I can’t get over how good this rug makes my photos look because it adds interest and texture without taking the focus away from what I’m laying out. This rug has been used in several areas in my home and in several ways – I cannot recommend it enough.

Check out their other rugs as they come in different sizes and styles. They are perfect for the home or outside!


tumblr_n3kpgj14uT1r4mmz8o1_540image via tumblr


I love Tumblr for the beautiful photos, but I really love following style bloggers on Tumblr who answer questions. It’s great to hear their insight and opinion on tricky style questions from their readers. Part of the reason I started my blog was because I got asked from friends for advice on what they should wear to a certain event, and I wanted a place to share my thoughts on those various topics.  My Tumblr ask option is now open and I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions on what to wear to a specific event, or any other style question. If you have a Tumblr, please follow me as I’m determined to use it more. 🙂

Styled Two Ways

My friend, Paola, has a fantastic YouTube channel and asked me to do a video with her where we style four items in our own way. I love showing the versatility of an item on my blog, so I thought I’d share what we chose and how we styled it. Check out Paola’s YouTube channel to see the whole video. 🙂

IMG_8867 IMG_8868 IMG_8869 IMG_8870

Old School Style Blogger

I’ve loved reading blogs for quite awhile now, and I remember the days before nicer cameras and stylized shoots. I really enjoyed a lot of the blogs that were just the blogger’s outfit of the day, even if it was just a grainy mirror pic. It was very realistic and gave me ideas on how to style outfits for my everyday life. While I still love all types of style blogs, even the super styled ones, I miss the old school blogging style where they just posted their unfiltered #ootds.

I want to try doing a post like this and see what you guys think. Here are six of my real life outfits that I’ve worn in the past week and half that are unedited mirror pics. (And yes, I do wear shoes, but I usually put them on right before I step outside.)


IMG_7903 IMG_7902

Please let me know if you like this type of post!

Do you miss the old school style blogs too?

Monogram Necklace On Sale

If you follow me on Instagram, you can probably tell my monogram necklace is a favorite of mine. My husband bought it for me last year through the same deal that’s going on right now through Amazon Local.

I’ve had mine for a year now, and have had zero problems with it. I thought because this deal was so low that the quality would be iffy, but I was pleasantly surprised as to how nice it is. It’s not flimsy, it hasn’t tarnished, and it’s the perfect length.

I own the gold one, but I think the rose gold would be pretty too. Check out this link for all the details.


Very Pinteresting

ff58c8faca6af14c1ce0ad77c2f7a522I’ll admit, I haven’t always been a fan of Pinterest. The height of Pinterest coincided with me planning a wedding, as well as, buying and decorating a house. This sounds like it would be useful, but I didn’t use the website frequently and ended up coming up with ideas on my own. The frustrating part of Pinterest is when you come up with ideas independently and people ask, “Oh, did you see this on Pinterest?”. I felt like a lot of my creativity that I put into my wedding and my home were discredited to “copying” a website I wasn’t really using.



d2f7af51c255fed5c9d0a5f46fc40d26However, I have changed, as well as the website itself has evolved. I made a Pinterest for this blog and have enjoyed finding images, not to copy, but to inspire different aspects of my creativity. I really do find myself benefiting from the information on the site whether it’s finding different way to wear what I already own, or helping shape and define my decorating style. It’s completely fine to copy off of Pinterest, but don’t assume other people do when you compliment their style, decor, or even a recipe.

Since my Pinterest page is new, I need people to follow! Please follow me so I can follow you back. Here’s the link –


What are your thoughts on Pinterest?

Images found via Pinterest – chaircoat