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Virginia’s Nursery

Virginia’s nursery was a process, but I found a few photos on Pinterest that I liked and combined them into this. I knew I wanted to do mostly neutrals with a feminine powder blue as an accent color. I’m really happy with how it turned out! I know I’ll look back at these photos with amazement on how clean and organized things were. ūüėÄ

diaper bag c/o barrington gifts (post coming soon)


Cold Weather Bedding

I change my bedding 4x’s a year, which seems excessive but it’s the only thing I do to freshen up my bedroom. It’s also very easy because I use a duvet and am only swapping out duvet covers. This plaid duvet is by far my favorite one! I love the way it looks in my room and the plaid is very appropriate for fall and winter. I posted this photo on Instagram over the weekend and had a lot of questions about it. It’s from LL Bean about 4 years ago, but they continue to make a similar one in a smaller plaid pattern.

Below are my choices of fall/winter bedding that are currently available:

LL Bean in Macbeth plaid


Land’s End (on sale)


Pottery Barn Buffalo Plaid Duvet (on sale)

Pottery Barn Plaid Duvet


Laurel Wreath Decor


large laurel wreath c/o

As we start to decorate for Christmas, I wanted to share a favorite item that’s perfect for both the holiday season and year round. I’ve always been drawn to¬†laurel wreaths – they’re elegant, timeless, and have a very classic feel to them. While searching for one for my home, I came across the Style Box Shop and fell in love! Not only do they have laurel wreath decor, but they come in gold! I’m definitely eyeing the green version for the spring/summer.

This wreath is exactly how I imagined it would be. It is very well made and looked just as lovely in real life as it photographs! I’m so impressed with the wreath that the only trouble I’ve run into is where I’ll put it. There are so many places in my home it looks good at!

img_3985For now it’s hung above the mantle to compliment the other gold decor and take my Christmas decorations up a notch on the classy scale.

Check out the Etsy page to see the other colors and sizes, and also the instagram to see how others styled the wreath!



Coastal Door Knockers


I recently swapped out my crab door knocker (above), for this anchor one below. I’ve always loved the crab, and Crabb is my last name, but I was just feeling a change and kept seeing beautiful anchor ones. I guess I felt that the crab legs on the knocker always got lost with the darker door, and I wanted one that really popped. I got my anchor one inexpensively from this Etsy Shop.



I love door knockers, especially novelty ones. Coastal themed door knockers always catch my eye, so I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below:

pjimageimages via pinterest

It’s not good to replace door knockers too often or else I’d change them out every season! Hopefully I will keep the anchor for awhile. ūüôā

Dressing Room

My house has four smaller bedrooms, and since it’s only my husband, kitty, and I living there we take advantage of the space instead of cramming our stuff into one room. My husband kindly agreed to letting me have my own space for a dresser, vanity, and wardrobe that I call my “dressing room”. It’s a lovely space that I enjoy spending time in each day while picking out an outfit and getting ready. I found myself running out of space for bulkier items such as sweaters, so I added a gorgeous wardrobe where I can stack my sweaters and be able to see them all at a glance instead of shuffling through a drawer. All the furniture in the room (except the ottoman) is made in America by the Amish in Ohio so it will last generations.

If you’d like to know where an item is from, just comment and I’ll respond with the info!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.41.42 AMIMG_3939Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.41.33 AMIMG_3933IMG_5001IMG_5002IMG_3941Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.41.25 AMIMG_3938


Flannel Sheets = Game Changer

I live in the north where winters are harsh so I pull out all the stops when it comes to keeping warm. I will do anything and everything to keep warm, including using my towel warmer as a way to heat up my workout clothes before putting them on in the morning. Our heat broke the other day and we had to spend one night in a house that was 50 degrees. Thankfully we were able to get it fixed immediately the next morning, but I was able to put my LL Bean Ultrasoft Flannel Sheets to the test!

IMG_4663Flannel Sheets c/o LL Bean (sold out but similar here) / Fisherman’s Sweater – LL Bean / Wicked Good Slippers – LL Bean

I’ve owned flannel sheets growing up, but none of them were overly nice or of good quality. LL Bean’s version, however, is a game changer. They make my bed way warmer in the winter since they’re thicker than your average flannel sheet set. I actually notice a difference using these sheets from the time I climb into bed at night.


The reason LL Bean’s are the best is because they will not pill over time (a common problem with regular flannel sheets), making them last way longer. Owning things longer = saving money over time.¬†They are also super soft even after washing them often, which is normally a problem with regular flannel sheets.

I will never recommend something on my blog that I do not use and love, and these sheets are both very used and very much loved. We normally rotate between 3-4 sets of sheets, but we’ve taken this set, wash them, and immediately put them back on. It’s just a little step towards a warmer winter that makes a big difference.


Fall/Winter Bedroom


I own a queen comforter and just change the duvet every season. I have a bird motif for the spring and a blue/white ticking stripe for the summer, but the plaid flannel is my favorite so I keep it from late fall through winter. Every year I post a photo of my bedroom and receive many questions of where things are from so I decided to link everything below for easy access.

Monogram Decal – Oxford design, center letter is 22″ high and outside letters are 12″.

Duvet Cover – Similar style from LL Bean. Same colors, small plaid. My duvet is LL Bean but the style is no longer carried.

Sheets (not pictured): Ultrasoft Flannel c/o LL Bean, review coming soon. These are the warmest! I also love their plaid version here.

White Pillow Shams: 26×26 Euro Size in Navy

Navy Anchor Pillow: Ralph Lauren find at Marshall’s.

Bed – Triple Raised Panel made of solid brown maple in coffee stain. Made by the Amish in Ohio, so there is no link online available.


I also love this bedroom I found on The Inspired Room:


I found this Pottery Barn duvet similar to the photo above. I’m tempted to get it, but I think it looks best if you have colored walls and not a dark navy like mine.



This Pottery Barn Duvet below is beautiful as well!



Lastly, this Land’s End flannel duvet is a nice alternative is you want one with a larger plaid:


My Chrismas Decor

I love decorating my home for the holiday season. I decorate my front room with a white tree that holds my vintage Barbie ornament collection, and my back room with a green tree and more of a “Ralph Lauren” plaid and gold style. I enjoy finding many of my decorations at antique stores to add a retro flair.


IMG_7526 IMG_7530IMG_7525



How do you decorate for Christmas?




Room Tour – Master

I keep my bedroom simple with just a bed, two nightstands, and a chair because I don’t want to clutter the space and I have my “dressing room” for all my clothes and other furniture. The furniture is a beautiful brown maple made by the Amish in Ohio. The color on the walls is a navy with gray undertones called Windsor Haze by Behr. The bedding is a flannel duvet from LL Bean last fall, but this one is similar. Finally, the monogram decal is from Three Hip Chicks, and is beautiful and easy to apply.

IMG_3061I have a federal style convex mirror hanging up on the wall next to my nightstand, and it stands out nicely on the dark wall. IMG_3062

I keep my nightstand uncluttered with only a lamp and a topiary.


The wall opposite of my bed is where we painted a subtle stripe by going one shade darker. I didn’t want to hang anything up, but the wall definitely needed something. The stripe is perfect!IMG_3064

The chair is an antique I found, although the cushion looks like it has been reupholstered at some point. I love the details of the arrows on the back and the stars on the front of the seat. IMG_3065Lastly, the chandelier is from Pottery Barn Baby and I put a navy fabric lining over the previous yellow one on the top and bottom of the shades. IMG_3066

Room Tour – Dressing Room

My house has four small bedrooms, and since it is only my husband and I living there,¬†he graciously let me use the spare room to turn it into my “dressing room”, or basically a big walk in closet. It may not always serve that purpose as we grow older, but it is nice to have the whole space to myself to get ready in.

Here are the closets in the room. I use the left side for shoes and tops, and I store hats, purses, and other accessories on the top shelf. It goes a little deeper in than the pictures shows, so it’s handy for tucking away my hamper. The right side is for skirts, dresses, and in the fall I hang my blazers on this side. It goes in deeper to store my bigger totes, and the top shelf is used for more hats and a basket with my headbands in it.

photo 4

Here is the view with the closets closed. I had three hooks in the center to hang a top, bottom, and accessory on the side. I plan what I wear the night before so it’s nice to hang it up. The left closet door has my wedding veil on it.

photo 3

I got this ottoman at Marshall’s Home Goods, and it’s great for seating and has storage in it. I use it for folded sweaters in the winter, and in the summer it holds hats (yes, more hats).

photo 2This chandelier was from PB Teen and hangs right above the ottoman. The ceiling medallion is an inexpensive find from Home Depot. I have a plainer one in my dining room and it adds some extra elegance.

photo 2

My vanity is my favorite piece of furniture in this room! It was a present from my parents for my bridal shower. I do my make up here and store my jewelry in the drawers.

photo 1The center drawer of my vanity is where I keep my favorite necklaces and bracelets for easy access.

Picture 4
Picture 6 I have an old dress form that my wedding dress fits on perfectly, which makes a nice display allowing me to enjoy the dress rather than tucking it away somewhere.

photo 1

Lastly, my dresser holds my jewelry box, my alarm clock, and a small blue ginger jar lamp.


photo 5

My lamp is from TJ Maxx and is Ralph Lauren. Picture 7

A few FAQs about this room –¬†I hand stenciled the walls with this¬†stencil, which is an inexpensive alternative to wallpaper. The paint colors are by Glidden –¬†here¬†and¬†here. All the furniture ¬†(with the exception of the ottoman) was built by the Amish and is brown maple with a coffee stain. You may contact me if you want further information on a piece.

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