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5 Halloween Costumes from a Preppy Closet

Halloween is such a fun holiday because there’s no┬ástress of buying gifts, planning meals, etc., only creating a costume. I love putting creativity and thought into a costume each year (my costumes throughout the years), but sometimes you need something last minute and don’t want to go out and buy a flimsy costume. Here are […] Read more…


My Halloween Costumes Through the Years

I’ve come to enjoy Halloween even more now than I did as a kid because I love thinking of costumes. Creativity is the name of the game, so do your best to stand out for being clever. People will appreciate the effort you put into your costume. So instead of being a cat this year, […] Read more…


Mouse Trap Costume

This is my favorite Halloween costume of mine – a mouse in a trap. I came up with it and there weren’t a lot of costumes like it at the time. It’s 100% DIY / home-made and I’m very proud of it! Some websites have picked it up for their blog or a contest, such […] Read more…