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Easter Decor

easter platter / bunny dessert plates / cocktail napkins

Now that we are past St. Patty’s day I can focus in full force on my favorite holiday – Easter. My Easter traditions include attending church, getting Easter photos with my friends after the service all dressed up, and then hosting an Easter brunch for my family. One of my favorite companies, Mark & Graham, sent me some great items perfect for my Easter brunch.

For the past few years I’ve been making these great toffee chocolate chip scones for dessert at Easter brunch. I don’t have a baked good I’m known for, but these may just be it. They aren’t as dry as a normal scone but they are still very light. They go fantastic with some after dinner coffee.

I tested out my scone recipe today and this platter makes the perfect pairing to hold the scones. I love the calligraphy sketch on the platter and know it will be on my Easter table for years to come.

These bunny dessert plates are perfect as they have gold trim, gold bunny, and a robin’s egg blue. They will look darling on any table! The cotton cocktail napkins have a subtle monogram on them to give it a personal touch.

I was also happy to see Mark & Graham brought back my favorite vase! Not all vases are great for tulips, but this one is because of the wide opening that allows tulips to take their natural full shape instead of having to stand too upright.

I’m very happy to have Easter dessert and dinnerware planned out and now just have to pick a place setting and main menu.

How do you spend your Easter?




Easter Sunday 2015

I had a wonderful Easter this year spent with family and friends celebrating Christ’s resurrection. Every year my friend’s and I have a tradition of taking photos after the service in our Easter best. Afterward, I had my family over for an Easter brunch. It was a lovely day through and through.

If you didn’t see my Easter outfit on instagram, I wore a spring tweed skirt suit from J Crew outlet from a few years ago. I originally bought the jacket online (it was an online-only item), and then later saw the skirt in stores (which was a store-only item). Today they make a very lady like combination that goes perfect with my Easter hat.


Below are a few photos we took after church:



And a few pics of the Easter brunch I hosted for my family:



What did you do for Easter?

What to Wear on Easter

Easter has become my favorite holiday over the years not just because of the springtime pastels and Cadbury eggs, but also the significance of the Resurrection in my life. Dressing for Easter Sunday is so much fun because my husband, friends, family, and I all dress up and get colorful photos taken together in our ‘Easter best’.


Easter Church Service

While you can wear whatever you want to a church service, I enjoy dressing up and on Easter I either wear a dress or a skirt. Easter Sunday is not the time for black or gray whatsoever, so choose springtime pastels, floral prints, and other brighter colors. Since I ‘go all out’ for Easter, my outfit is not complete without an Easter hat and white, lady-like gloves. Always err on the side of modesty when attending any religious service. If you aren’t sure if something is too short, then it probably is.

Easter Brunch

Depending on the setting for Easter brunch, you may usually wear what you wore to church if you attended a service. If the setting is more casual, tone down your outfit a little bit but keep the feminine details in place. For example, I may wear navy slacks with my pink tweed jacket to find a balance between dressy and casual.

 Easter Accessories

I mentioned above that I wear an Easter hat, and while that might not be a style for everyone, I enjoy wearing one because it’s a nod to the past of how women used to dress on Easter (plus I love the movie Easter Parade). Keep all accessories both lady-like and complimentary to your outfit. Pearls are always classy, and a structured purse or clutch will make your outfit extra sophisticated.

Here are my picks for my favorite Easter dresses. Most of them are 30% off currently and you can check to see if they’d arrive by this weekend:

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.28.03 PMTop Row: Eliza J Dress  // Talbots // Maggy London //

Bottom Row: Talbots (my favorite) // Talbots ($62) // Maggy London //


Here is what I’ve worn for Easter the past few years:



What are you wearing for Easter? Do you dress up?