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What to Wear Wednesday: Bridal Shower

With summer being a popular season for weddings, late winter and spring are when bridal showers are likely to occur. If you’ve ever wondered what to wear to a bridal shower, I’ve got you covered. Here are some basic guidelines I follow when picking out an outfit this occasion:

  • Stay away from all white, as this color should be reserved for the bride if she wishes to wear it. You never want to “outshine” the bride!
  • I personally stay away from black and really dark colors, except when paired with lighter colors. It is a joyous event being celebrated so you shouldn’t look like you came from a funeral.
  • Dress on the feminine side. The very nature of bridal showers is very feminine so don’t be afraid to wear your most ladylike clothing and accessories.
  • If you’re outdoors, bring sunglasses, if you’re indoors, dress in layers. The temperature can be unpredictable so it’s best to play it safe.
  • Dress on the conservative side. Chances are there are women of all ages, including the bride’s grandmother. Dressing properly is respectful to the bride in an atmosphere that includes both family and friends.

A skirt and blouse is the most casual you should dress for a bridal shower. I wore a light blazer to pull together the look and add that extra layer in case it is too hot or cold.

A dress with lady like accessories is the safest choice for a bridal shower. I love the printed scarf in lei of a necklace, but a pearl necklace would look great as well.

If the event happens to be on the very fancy side, wear a more formal dress and accessories to accommodate the dress code. This would be if the shower was in a hall with a full plated meal, etc.


What is your favorite outfit to wear to a bridal shower? Do you have any tips I haven’t listed above? 


Guest at a Bridal Shower

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Bridal showers are about giving the bride gifts for her new life with her husband, and it’s fitting to dress more on the feminine side for such an event. Depending on the person, venue, or any guidelines the invitation may set, there are a variety of outfits you can choose from. Most bridal showers are either in the morning or early afternoon, so lighter colors are a better choice over dark (especially black). One rule to keep in mind – let the bride wear white. If you have a cream or white top to go with a different color skirt/pants, then you are safe. Please save the white dresses for a different occasion.

A safe choice is always a skirt and blouse and/or sweater – it’s lady-like without trying to outshine the bride. Other options include a dress that’s not too formal, or nice pants and a pretty top. Keep in mind, if the shower is outside, to bring sunglasses, and if it’s inside to wear layers. Sometimes it can be really hot outside, but the air conditioning makes it freezing indoors. I like to own a few light cardigans in pretty colors specifically for spring and summer for occasions where I find myself in an overly air conditioned building.

This goes without saying for most women, but please keep your outfit conservative. Bridal showers are an event full of women of all ages including the bride’s family members, and outfits that push the line of modesty are considered distasteful. When in doubt, keep it simple and feminine.

Check out my outfit from a recent bridal shower I attended for a friend where I kept my outfit color scheme light and the details simple: