Buy Now, Wear Later

The weather has warmed up as we transition into summer, and no one is even thinking about buying anything fall/winter related anytime soon, except for you. You are a smart shopper who knows the value of shopping out of season to get great deals. Come fall, you will give yourself a nice pat on the back because you have out-smarted everyone else by starting your shopping way early and thus getting all the fall styles for a bargain.

I don’t like to pay full price for my clothes, so I put great importance on being patient and picking up a few things at the end of a season. It makes me even happier when I finally do get to wear the item because I know I got a great deal on something really nice.

A few things to consider:

  • Don’t buy items just because they’re on sale. Make sure it’s something you’ve either always wanted or can easily style.
  • Look for investment items you know you’ll wear for years to come. Take advantage of this great time to buy the classics.
  • Be weary of final sale items. Read reviews of how things fit and know how the brand sizes their items.

I’ve complied a list of items that I believe are a great value to take advantage of and pick up now. Every piece will be in style for years to come and from brands that I trust to provide quality.

Buy Now, Wear Later pt 2Pullovers:


  • Cable Knit Turtleneck from Land’s End* is $69 $39.97 and comes in 5 different colors and would make a great stable for winter. I love the navy color because of the layering opportunities for a button down shirt underneath.
  • Fisherman Sweater from LL Bean is $79 $69.99 and while it’s not the biggest savings, it won’t go much lower in price. I have this sweater and truly believe it’s a staple piece I’ll own for years judging by the quality. If you ever thought you’d want one, this is the biggest savings you’ll see.


  • Avery Loafer from Sperry Top-sider $85 $59.99 is a shoe I’ve owned for 4 years and absolutely love it. It’s one of the most comfortable shoes I own and can be dressed up or dressed down. A perfect long term purchase that comes in 6 different colors (I own light brown), and a style they bring back every year for good reason.
  • Blakeley Ankle Boots from Land’s End* $149 $59.97 is the best value of this whole post. If you have considered getting ankle boots, I believe these are your best bet for the lowest price for good quality.

*Remember, if you are buying from Land’s End, this link will give you $25 off of $75!

Buy Now, Wear Later


  • Quilted Jacket from Land’s End * is $119 $89.99 and comes in black, navy, olive green, and tan. I love quilted jackets and am hoping Land’s End will run a sale on sale items so I can pick up the olive green one. I haven’t seen a quilted jacket as cute as this one in awhile!
  • Tulip-Hem Down Coat from Land’s End* is $199 $119.97 and comes in 5 colors (my personally favorite is the Desert Spice color). If you’re looking for a down coat, or to replace yours, this is the time of year to do so. What I love about this coat is the unique, flattering tulip hem. I’m waiting to see if they’ll run a sale on the sale price.


  • Schoolboy Blazer from J. Crew is $198 $168 and comes in black and only limited sizes. This is a very quality, staple piece that you can wear for years. I would wait for J Crew to run a sale off their sale and see if your size is available.
  • Schoolboy Blazer from J. Crew Factory is $178 $98, and comes in navy and black as well as every size available. I own the navy one and have had it for over 5 years and it still looks brand new. This is a great piece to pick up now to wear later.


*Remember if you are shopping Land’s End, this link will give you $25 off of $75.


Do you shop out of season for great deals?


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