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I’ll be posting more photos next week from this outfit, but I wanted to check in and show two of my favorite details from it – the belt and the blanket scarf.

IMG_3577From the Belted Cow, this is one of many motif belts. I love the Woodland Birds because it’s very reminiscent of fall and Thanksgiving. I’ll be wearing this during Thanksgiving weekend! It’s hard to find fun belts that aren’t cheap replicas or very expensive needlepoint, which is why I love the products the Belted Cow has. There are so many choices and each one is of great quality.


They also make high-end leather belts with embossing. I love the look of embossing because it’s a subtle detail that makes all the difference. My husband wears his all the time and receives many compliments.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.49.14 AMThe four belts above are just a taste of the selection they offer. These belts would make a great Christmas gift to a dad, brother, or significant other because they cover a wide array of hobbies and interests. They aren’t just for guys, they have a women’s line too. Mine is a men’s belt I ordered in a smaller size.

Dogs / Woodie / Ducks / Stripe

scarf_blanket_tan_largephoto via three hip chicks

The other detail is the blanket scarf. Three Hip Chicks has every scarf and monogramming option available under the sun. Blanket scarves are a great accessory because there are so many ways to wear it, and if needed, it can be a blanket (Something that will come in handy the next 4+ months of winter). I can’t wait to wear mine styled with a belt (see below). I’m already looking through the website for Christmas gift ideas for my loved ones since they have a wide selection of monogram-able items and their prices are very reasonable.

maxresdefaultphoto via extra petite


Which belt is your favorite? Have you tried the blanket scarf trend?


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