Barrington Tote/Diaper Bag – 1 Year Review

Last year Barrington Gifts sent me this cute diaper bag to use for my daughter Virginia. I used this as her main diaper bag with the exception of the two trips we took where it was easier to take a backpack. It got a year of daily use, and I was pretty hard on it. I know a lot of instagramers/bloggers push products and say they’re amazing after a week’s worth of use (guilty!), but I love reading reviews from people who have used something for quite some time. So here is my one year review of the Barrington Diaper Bag.

The outside of it is made from a water-resistant nylon canvas and it is extremely durable. You can bring this in the rain, spill stuff on it, and it will wipe up clean. It’s the reason why I felt good going with a light color because I knew it would be forgiving. A year later, I have one small stain on it (pictured below) that I bet I could use a tide-to-go pen to get out but I haven’t tried. After all the use and abuse it took this year, I was super impressed that it still looks pretty brand new. I had low expectations since it was a diaper bag, but I’m really happy with how it’s held up.

The inside has a zippered pocket, two open pockets on each of the long sides, and two pockets for bottles on the short sides (shown below). I use a Skip Hop Changing Station and it fits perfectly in it, along with keeping extra diapers on one of the long sides, food on the other, bottles and sippy cups in the other pouches. When I was thinking about this review I thought of two things I’d change about the inside – the first is putting a zipper on it so I could keep it closed. It’s not a big deal day to day, but for travel it would be nice to seal it up. The second is there are cumbersome straps inside for if you want to put a longer, thicker strap on the whole thing that I don’t use. Since I don’t put a longer strap on it, they sort of just hang there. When looking up the product to reference for the review, it seems like they solved both those issues! The diaper bag has a zipper, and they got rid of those extra straps.

All in all, I am 100% happy with this diaper bag. With diaper bags taking a lot of abuse since they’re used with a child and in so many (gross) situations, I fully believed I would be needing to replace my diaper bag after a year. Both the inside and outside look practically spotless and it’s holding up so well. It doesn’t hurt that it’s more attractive than most diaper bag on the market. 😉

Would 10/10 recommend.


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