Attending a Graduation Party

Dressing for a graduation party is pretty simple since most of the time the dress code is casual. This also depends on the venue, so if it’s at someone’s house or in their backyard, you can wear whatever you want. If the graduation party is at a hall, golf club, etc., you may want to dress up a little bit. A safe bet is to wear white pants and a nicer top. If you have a dress that’s not too formal then that would work well for either situation. Keep in mind the weather and shoes if you’re attending a backyard graduation party where there’s a chance you can be sitting in the sun for awhile.

If the graduation party you’re attending is for a bachelors, masters, doctorates, etc., you will definitely want to dress a little more professional since these are higher degrees. The goal is to look “put together” rather than wearing whatever you had on that day. Steer away from jeans, or wear dark denim and keep the rest of the outfit polished.

Here are two outfits I put together for a casual graduation party:

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