Antique Finds

I’ve always loved antique shopping, and I believe finding antiques for your home are the way to go. Here’s why –

1. More often than not, they are better quality than their modern day counterparts. “They don’t make them like they used to” is true in many cases, and you’ll realize that the more you shop antiques. For example, you’ll find something made of solid brass rather than just spray painted to look like brass.

2. The pieces you find will be unique and have a back story to them. This makes a home more interesting than just filling your home with current trends at popular stores.  I have great items from places like Target in my home, however, I just love the increased interest that an antique piece adds to home decor.

3. It can be inexpensive, even for the quality items. Most of the art on my walls I’ve found “antique-ing” and I’ve spent significantly less than what I’d pay getting pictures and frames for the wall from a formal store. The difference is, my inexpensive finds are matted nicely and of better quality than if I bought new materials myself. Tip: Instead of buying a brand new frame for a photo or canvas print you want framed, buy an old painting in the same dimensions and swap out the painting. I have several paintings in my home that I used this trick for that have beautiful, old frames.

My husband and I recently took a quick trip to Ohio for a conference and managed to stop at an antique store while we are there. Ohio is known for their many antique stores, and I found the prices were even lower than the antique stores in Michigan. I already want to go back just to shop more antique stores. Here’s what I got:

Old boxing gloves with the strings attached that will look incredible on the wall in my living room. photo 5

I always keep an eye out for pennants, and this one from 1962 is pretty cool with the moose. photo 3

I paid $27 for this 4′ tall old wood sled. I’ve seen similar ones go for much more elsewhere. I’m planning on hanging this on my wall during the winter. photo 4

Mason jars are pretty cool but I’ve never owned one myself, until I found this giant, blue one. I plan to use it as a vase. photo-2

I’ve wanted a mantle clock for some time now, and I was thrilled to find this one for $4. Just needed a battery change and it was good to go!photo 2

Lastly, I found this cool, old canteen for my friend. Her house has a lot of cool south western antiques and I thought this would look great hung on her wall or on a shelf. photo 1


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