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I start every morning by getting up a little early to enjoy some coffee while skimming through my favorite blogs. If there are several blogs you like to read, a blog reader is hands down the easiest way to make sure you never miss a post.  I’ve been using a blog reader (or RSS feed reader) for several years and I can’t imagine reading blogs any other way. The two easiest ways to read blogs are the following two websites/apps:

Blog Lovin is a simple way to search for blogs and “follow” them. Whenever you log on, it will show posts newest to oldest. Kind of exactly how instagram works except with blogs. You can find my profile here. If you are new to using a blog reader, or you don’t follow a ton of blogs that update several times a day, I would recommend this method.

Feedly is the blog reader I use and I have been very happy with it. I follow quite a few blogs and it allows me to put them into categories (Fitness, Home, Style, News, etc.) to keep them organized. It’s less of scrolling to see individual blog posts and more of a broader prospective so you can easily skip over ones that post 10x’s a day. It’s easy to add the URL of the blogs you read and put them in a folder – here is my feed.

Both Blog Lovin & Feedly allow you to save articles to read later or share them easily. You can find apps for both your smart phone and tablet. I use Feedly on my iPad and have not had a problem. If you follow more than 5 blogs, I highly recommend using one of these readers to make reading posts organized and enjoyable.


My Favorite Blogs

I’m going to categorize these the same way I do on my Feedly.


Summer Wind: Sydney’s blog is my favorite to read. I admire how classy she is and the level of sophistication she posses without being showy. Her blog is well written and always keeps my interest!

Classy Girls Wear Pearls: Who doesn’t love Sarah Vickers? She strikes the perfect balance of elegance and creativity. Her outfits not only show her sense of style, but also exhibits her lovely nature as a person.

Proper Kid Problems x J. Riley: Dean is as talented as he is well dress. I love his posts from “10 Bits of Randomness” to a practical post on polishing a pair of leather shoes. I can’t wait to see what’s next in his new collaboration with J. Riley.

Belles in Bows: Bess is a sweetheart with a taste for the finer things in life, such as oriental rugs.  Her blog is a great for style inspiration with her finesse for putting together classy outfits for everyday wear.

A few more –

Simply Raquel Collette: A fellow Michigan girl, she is super cute and has frequent and quality posts. All college girls must follow her as she gives great school organizational tips as well as style.

The Preppy Leopard: Tiernay is hilarious and one of my favorite people from instagram. This girl needs to post with more frequency! Give the people what they want, Tierney!

September & Friends: Paola is a friend of mine from real life that just started vlogging. Her videos are very impressive and cover topics such as various ways to style a t-shirt. Check her out!


Marcus Design: Hands down my favorite home decorating blog. Nancy does an incredible job covering a variety of styles with high quality photos.

Thistlewood Farm: You won’t believe the before and after pictures of Karianne’s old farm house. It’s so great that Better Homes & Garden came out and did a shoot there. Not to mention she is super funny which make her posts even more enjoyable.

Apartment Therapy: Whether you live in an apartment or not, this website posts practical articles from cleaning to solving decorating dilemmas. People can submit their own home decor issues and ask people what they think. I always log into my account and comment on any article that asks if they should paint wood moldings (don’t do it!).

Brit + Co: This website is like a Buzzfeed but just for young women. There are a lot of cool articles, however, there are way too many that get posted in a day to read plus a lot of them are phrased like click bait. Overall, there are a few posts I do enjoy reading enough to put them in my favorites. Can you find me in this Brit + Co article?


Housewife Glamor: Another local blogger, Heather shares fitness and health advice.  I enjoy following her journey in becoming a personal trainer.

Women’s Health Magazine: Great for finding new workouts, playlists, recipes, etc.

 Fit Sugar: Another blog I enjoy for workout inspiration and eating well.


Hope you found a new blog or two to follow and an easy way to do so. If you have a favorite blog, please let me know about it. I love adding new blogs to my reader!


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