5 Items Under $50 To Make Your Home Look Expensive

Another title to this blog post could be “five home decor tips to steal from your friend’s wealthy grandma”. 😀

I love having little “fancy” touches around my home that feel high end. Even if you have a more casual style, you can still find a few of these tips useful. They are all under $50 and can make a big difference in how your home appears.

  1. Ceiling medallions are so cheap, like $8-$20 on Amazon in most cases. When we moved in we took out some outdated ceiling fans and they left a round mark where they once were. Ceiling medallions not only covered them up but they make our light fixtures look a lot nicer. They don’t have to be super fancy looking either, simple ones are just as beautiful. Pictured above is the light in my daughter’s room and the medallion adds dimension and accentuates the light fixture.

2. Tissue box covers are an item I’m surprised people don’t own often. I don’t particularly like every Kleenex box design nor does it necessarily go with my home decor. A tissue box cover is a simple and beautiful way to cover that box up and make your bathroom look nicer. I got mine from Pottery Barn and monogrammed them (no surprise here!), but there are some modern options as well for all types of decor.

3. A beautiful, high end hand towel is a must for a bathroom that guests use in your home. It takes your decor to the next level and gives your space a personal touch. I love a well placed monogram and adore these Weezie Towels because of the many thread and piping color options. I chose powder blue and love the result! They’re perfect for when you have many people over because they dry quickly so guests aren’t using already damp towels.

They have many options for colors and monogramming, and my other favorite choice is this single letter above. It looks very collegiate and you don’t see that type of bold font used very often. I love the subtle white on white as it adds a nice touch in this bathroom above. The monogrammed pair was sent to me from Weezie Towels, but I am considering ordering a second pair of the single letter in a C.

4. Picture lighting takes your decor to the next level when you have a special piece to put it over. I can’t tell you how big of a change this made in our home when I added this light over the painting in our front room. It looks super upscale and adds a beautiful ambiance in the evening. We have ours hooked up to the Kasa brand plugs which is controlled by our Alexa, so we can turn it on and off easily.

5. Hardware may seem small, but it can completely change the look of your cabinets or a piece of furniture. It’s a small and easy update that can be done inexpensively. I love the hardware on our kitchen cabinets because they really pop on the white and their larger size looks sturdy and significant. Take a second look at your furniture or closet doors and see if a hardware upgrade can do wonders for you. You can find hardware anywhere, but the really unique stuff is found at Anthropologie.

Do you already use any of the above items in your home? Which one intrigues you the most?


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