5 Halloween Costumes from a Preppy Closet

Halloween is such a fun holiday because there’s no stress of buying gifts, planning meals, etc., only creating a costume. I love putting creativity and thought into a costume each year (my costumes throughout the years), but sometimes you need something last minute and don’t want to go out and buy a flimsy costume. Here are 5 Halloween costume ideas you can make out of a preppy wardrobe:

The Logger

You’ll need a flannel, jeans, heavy duty boots, and a beanie. I borrowed my dad’s hat since it looks more “working man” than the beanies in my personal collection. Wood logs and/or (toy) ax encouraged.




You’ll need to grab clothes that have the tweed and leather English vibe. I wore a trench coat, tweed newsboy cap, penny loafers, and a notebook for clues. A magnify glass would be a great touch as well.



Polo Player

You’ll need a polo, riding pants or pants that tuck into boots, riding boots, and a mallet. I used a croquet mallet in a pinch, and a riding helmet and gloves would be appropriate as well.

polo player


Rosie the Riveter 

This one is the easiest to pull off. You’ll need jeans, a chambray shirt, a red bandanna, and a can-do attitude. Since it’s so easy, you can spend extra time on your hair with this tutorial.


The Lobster Fisherman

This is one of my costumes for this year and I’m excited to share it. I wore LL Bean boots and fisherman sweater, a turtleneck, green “work” pants, a yellow jacket, a beanie, and these lobsters (amazon prime eligible). If I had more time I’d try to find a lobster trap, but this will do!

lobster fisherman

Which costume is your favorite? What are you being for Halloween?


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