3 Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf

Not just for your grandmother (although she probably has great taste), silk scarves have made a real comeback this past year and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve always owned a few silk scarves and would wear them on my bag, but have recently been more and more inspired to wear them in various ways around my neck. They are truly a classy accessory that makes any outfit look both polished and sophisticated. I’ve had great luck at Nordstrom and Ralph Lauren for silk scarves, but Etsy is absolutely wonderful for inexpensive, vintage ones. Here are three ways to wear a single silk scarf:


Around the neck: my favorite way to style a silk scarf is my sporting it around your neck. It’s very classy and ladylike, and can add a little color and dimension to any outfit. This is just one variation of ways to wear it – my friend Audrey has a great article talking about 5 different ways to tie them over on her blog. She is also great inspiration on how to work them into your everyday outfits!


On a handbag: It’s such an easy way to add the scarf into the outfit when you tie it onto your purse. Many girls do not do this, which I think makes it even more elegant when someone does. It’s truly a fantastic way to showcase your scarf and only makes your bag look more high-end. 😉


In your hair: I love stylish ways to push my hair out of my face which is why I love using my silk scarves as a headband. I sport this style whenever my outfit is really plain and I want to add a little interest, OR if I am way overdue for highlights and need a great way to cover my roots. (We’ve all been there right?)


Here’s a little inspiration on how versatile this item can be. I love how each lady styled the scarf and love how each look is both fun and sophisticated. I’ll be trying the tucked in look in the last photo soon!


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